18 – Fear

Fear – what is it, where does it come from and how does it affect your business and your life?   05:28 – Why is fear the most powerful sales tool? 09:40 – Ezra’s goal in life 10:44 – FEAR is an acronym for ___ 12:55 – Is your fear your own or from society?… [Read More]

11 – Attitude

Your attitude can make or break what you have in your life and business right now. Are you damaging relationships or building one with it? We’ll talk more about that in this podcast.             (photo credit Nic Lucas)    In this week’s podcast: 01:10 – Your attitude dictates your life… [Read More]

5 – Money

Money is important. Money can make us do and have what we want. But is our relationship with money keeping us from growing and keeping our relationships with people? Episode Highlights:   00:45 – A big thank you to all ThinkActGet listeners 01:22 – 4 topics that people have a lot of “charge” on 01:55… [Read More]