72 – Improvisation

Improvisation adds immediacy and spontaneity to a performance or talk. What does it involve and how can it be acquired as a skill? James and Ezra explore the topic in an entirely improvised episode of ThinkActGet.

James speaking at an event | Image source: groovyballoonsandmore.com


Episode highlights:

00:57 – Stages and stresses of holding an event
04:23 – The power of podcasting
06:45 – Improvising versus preparing
07:34 – Farming instead of hunting
10:56 – What to improvise
12:48 – Knowing your stuff first
14:44 – Why you need frameworks
17:03 – An odd trend
20:56 – James’s new passion
27:55 – Observation and experience
28:36 – The first step to improvisation
30:50 – Wager: Prepare more than you normally would
32:02 – Temptations to compromise
36:29 – News and updates: head to the Maldives
37:40 – Ezra’s got an app!



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