9 – Success

Being successful is something everyone aims for. But is it really that hard to succeed? This podcast tells you a little secret about success…


A token of success


In this week’s podcast:

01:00 – Everyone wants it
01:45 – What does success mean to you?
04:05 – Gaining perspective
07:39 – Experiencing success through goals
11:14 – Unlocking levels
15:31 – James’s online beginnings
20:24 – Ezra’s ‘aha’ moment
23:39 – Combating perfectionism
28:44 – Weekly Wager: Set a weekly One Thing goal
29:27 – Ezra the ecommerce guy
30:36 – See James and Ezra at FastWebFormula 4 in Sydney
31:37 – Listener comments
34:44 – Think About It quotes
35:54 – Checklists for repetitive tasks
37:33 – What happens after you succeed?
38:56 – Be nice



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  1. This episode is of high quality.

  2. Great information guys, especially the perfection bit… I realised I have been using the perfection excuse for way too long.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  3. guys, great podcast, love the style and content. Just wondering if you could list the books you mention in the show notes to make it easy to track them down. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ive listened to this one three times now. Good stuff guys. Keep them coming.

  5. Thanks, Tim!!

  6. Hey Guys

    Great episode. This is the third time I listened to it. Just wanted to let you know that James story about his start on the internet reminded me that we need to learn to crawl before we walk. I decided to work on a project I can feel proud of and will help me to crawl first again.

    Thanks heaps guys and keep up this fantastic podcast.


  7. Hey Guys really loving the podcast. I have been listening to them mainly in the car (I do quite a bit of driving). Anyway I remember you saying that Ezra has done some products on ecommerce and how to get the best out of the store. I am wondering where I can find these products. I may have been mistaken an heard that they might be in the pipeline. Either way please let me know

    • Ezra Firestone says

      Thanks, Beau! Glad you are digging the show. Check out my blog http://www.SmartMarketer.com to catch some eCommerce videos. I do have a full course coming out June 3rd, you can hop on my email list to be notified. Thanks again for your interest!

  8. You know I missed this one earlier and am listening to it tonight, working through my to do list like a whiling dervish getting ready for FWF4 tomorrow. This one (Success) is the best.

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