8 – Balance

Balancing could be tough if you are not aware of what’s too much from what’s lacking. Learn a bit about how you can balance that aspect in your life through this podcast.


How many bananas a day is too many?


This week:

00:50 – Everyone is seeking balance
01:47 – 25 bananas a day

Steve Jobs Book

04:23 – Do high performers have balance?
06:57 – Some areas of diversification that will create balance in your business
09:33 – Copying proven systems
13:49 – Areas of diversification that will create balance in your life
13:55 – Routines will set you free
16:50 – Inspire yourself with new and diverse information
19:05 – Finding balance in diet
21:38 – Where are you out of balance?
24:41 – Ezra’s news: the Smart Marketer podcast has been submitted to iTunes
25:59 – James’s news: new SEO services on SEOPartner.com
28:51 – Listener comments
33:05 – Think About It quotes
36:19 – Episode summary



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