8 – Balance

Balancing could be tough if you are not aware of what’s too much from what’s lacking. Learn a bit about how you can balance that aspect in your life through this podcast.


How many bananas a day is too many?


This week:

00:50 – Everyone is seeking balance
01:47 – 25 bananas a day

Steve Jobs Book

04:23 – Do high performers have balance?
06:57 – Some areas of diversification that will create balance in your business
09:33 – Copying proven systems
13:49 – Areas of diversification that will create balance in your life
13:55 – Routines will set you free
16:50 – Inspire yourself with new and diverse information
19:05 – Finding balance in diet
21:38 – Where are you out of balance?
24:41 – Ezra’s news: the Smart Marketer podcast has been submitted to iTunes
25:59 – James’s news: new SEO services on SEOPartner.com
28:51 – Listener comments
33:05 – Think About It quotes
36:19 – Episode summary



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  1. Thanks for reading out my comment. (blush).

    Great episode. Keep them coming guys.


  2. When is the episode about sex?

  3. so inspiring, guys, thx!
    just wanna point to the very balanced (and successful) olympic swimming athlet Britta Steffen, who was positively mentioned in a book about the value of ‘leisure’ in this high speed time, which i just read.
    i think of implementing the routine of a ‘no do-day’ (on mondays of course), to get more centered and focused …;)
    keep rollin°sig

  4. It seems like you have to know and choose when and where and for how long you are going to be out of balance in one are or the other.
    All balance in a day isn’t that useful. That would mean 15 minutes on this and 15 minutes on that. Instead, chunk it up, focus, and hope to achieve balance over the week, month, year or so.
    Achieving goals and being happy aren’t always the same thing. Humans are very good at accomplishing things that don’t lead to any good or happiness. You have to point yourself at the right things.
    Humans are meant to sit around doing nothing and then doing intense activity for short periods of time. If you got an antelope- you ate 5 lbs of meat that day. Not really balanced in diet, lifestyle, relationships, warfare- whatever.
    It’s probably not the “best” thing for us- but it is who we are.
    Great podcast. Thanks. Keep them coming.

    • Great comment & insights Pat! Thanks for listening.

      I tend to think of balance on a larger scale – not necessarily in terms of what you spend your time doing on what days, but more how you feel in your body & mind about the activities that you participate in, in your life (business included).

    • “You have to point yourself at the right things.” – super quote! This is along the lines of Peter Drucker – “Doing the right things”

  5. Schramdiddy and Banana Boy, you really delivered again. I just love all of these podcasts. They help me in business and in life and balance is something I’ve always struggled with and I love both of your perspectives and am working on it my life as we speak.

    And I’m on my 19th banana of the day and feeling juiced!

  6. All I want to know after listening to this episode is if I can call James “Schramy”?

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