75 – Space

Sometimes you think something’s over and done with, never to return. Until, suddenly, it’s not over.

ThinkActGet fans who said goodbye to the show two years ago, get ready to say hello again.

James and Ezra are back to talk about that thing you need when there’s too much going on in your life, or when you’re just too close to a situation to make sense of it – space.

Space with James Schramko and Ezra Firestone

Sometimes you just need space


In the episode:

01:04 – What space is and what it can do
02:33 – A neglected phase
03:54 – If you’re not enjoying it, pay attention
05:37 – Let’s go sit around by ourselves
07:46 – Why have space on a regular basis?
08:53 – When you’re in a little tin can
09:42 – Lessons in one’s thirties
10:58 – A transformational routine
12:56 – The hardest thing to delegate
15:23 – What have you taken space from recently?
16:33 – Weekly Willpower Wager: What are you too close to?
17:43 – Flying through space forever
19:55 – SuperFastBusiness Live and Maldives
21:14 – Ezra’s house-building project
21:39 – SmartMarketer developments




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