74 – The End

Even good things can’t go on forever. As great as ThinkActGet has been, it’s time for James and Ezra to shift their energies to other pursuits. Check out their farewell show and reminisce with them on lessons and laughter shared over 70+ episodes. Learn too what’s in store for our hosts and where we can find them in the coming future.

All things must end


Episode highlights:

00:45 – TAG’s first two-word episode
03:50 – If we were to start again
06:33 – A dialogue that will continue
09:02 – Beyond but relating back to business
09:39 – A look at some numbers
12:01 – Ecommerce exploits vs creative conversation
14:18 – A life-changing trip
16:08 – What will become of this site?
21:04 – The book in the works
23:35 – Repetition’s rep



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