73 – Simplify

Do you have more on your plate than you can handle? Do you have something pulling your attention every which way? It could be time to simplify. James and Ezra look at the benefits and how tos of simplifying your business and your life in this episode of ThinkActGet.

“The Ark”


In the podcast:

04:12 – Deep versus broad in business
06:59 – From driver to navigator
11:04 – It’s all about letting go
14:02 – How not to be enslaved to your business
16:17 – Where do you want to end up?
18:15 – The Facebook handcuffs
20:15 – “Back in my day…”
23:45 – How can you start as you wish to continue?
25:42 – Simplification in trading
28:38 – When slow is simpler
35:07 – Are you paying too much or too little?
38:02 – Willpower wager: What can you remove?
38:40 – News and updates: Ezra launches Zipify
41:49 – A new and improved OwnTheRacecourse
44:12 – Come along to the Maldives
45:23 – Listener comments
49:25 – Think about it quotes



It’s not easy, but it’s simple. [Click To Tweet]
Success is being at the beach without your laptop. [Click To Tweet]
Loneliness is a prison built with bricks of secrecy. [Click To Tweet]
People will pay to stay. [Click To Tweet]
You can safely cut half the things you do and see almost no impact. [Click To Tweet]
Move to the end goal as early as practical. [Click To Tweet]


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  1. Two things came to mind listening to this episode.

    Years ago a guy I worked with, Matthew, would say ” Jim can we go straight to plan B – we never use plan A !

    I don’t know if the second thing is fact or fiction – either way it makes the point – Simplify.
    I has been said that preparing for working in the space station the USA spent a huge sum of money developing a pen that would write at any angle in zero gravity.
    The Russians took a pencil !

    Thanks for another stimulating episode.
    Take good care,

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