71 – Risk

We all engage in various levels of risk-taking. What determines how much we’ll risk and what role does it play in business and in life? James and Ezra tackle the topic in this episode of ThinkActGet.


James taking risks on a wave


In the podcast:

01:12 – The land beavers have company
02:18 – Adventures in Spain with a stick shift
05:25 – How humane is veganism?
07:04 – Today’s topic defined
09:08 – Why take (or not take) risks?
10:43 – Real risk versus the perception of it
13:34 – Dread risk and 9-11
14:52 – The risk of partnership
24:35 – Why entrepreneurs take more risks
29:58 – Risk and competence
31:13 – Willpower wager: What big risk could YOU take?
31:33 – News update: Go to the Maldives with James
38:49 – Ezra’s got an app!
39:26 – A comment on reverence
40:26 – Think about it quotes



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  1. Nick Garrow-Fisher says

    Ezra I’m sure you CAN drive a stick – I’ve had exactly that same experience recently with a rental car. As soon as I got into a car that had a decent clutch my confidence was restored!

  2. Competency is a main concern here, one more is experience. Pattern recognition and deciding to make use of historical data to chose help make better risk assumptions and time lines. As humans evolved we have taken more risk because capital have been available to front our future self vision. That truth you seek is usually the vision which is clearly tied to risk in capital allotment most of the the time ( much of risk in our business category is financial). What you are willing to provide to develop the thinking to support the risk, is the only matter at hand. If you have committed to the pure hard work of thinking the thoughts, that will produce the results, that inevitably concurs the risk. Risk, think, act, get. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

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