70 – Reverence

James and Ezra are back for another episode of ThinkActGet where they talk about the importance of having reverence and great respect for any area of your business and life.


Ezra with Rollrigo


In the episode:

02:58 – This episode’s unusual topic
03:34 – Why we need to give reverence
05:46 – James’s respect for knowledge and learning
08:53 – Reverence in action
10:40 – Treating people as they want to be treated
13:03 – Using your ego to improve yourself
16:47 – The power of visioning
18:29 – Here’s a winning idea
22:44 – Revering multiple experiences
24:18 – How conditioning helps
26:08 – The freedom to choose
27:30 – Weekly Willpower Wager
28:16 – News and Updates
36:20 – What ThinkActGet is really about
37:58 – Listeners’ comments
39:09 – Think About It quotes



Doing anything mindfully will increase its value. [Click To Tweet]
Reverence is sensitivity to greatness. [Click To Tweet]
Deep is better than wide. [Click To Tweet]
Be careful where you direct your reverence. [Click To Tweet]


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  1. Thank you for this episode Ezra and James – prior to this episode I always looked on Reverence as a “passive” action where you “looked up” to someone (i.e. thought of them as being “higher” than you) which gave them power over you, but after this discussion I now see revering someone as you making a conscious decision that allows someone to “receive” your reverence – in other words you have given them permission to impact on your life in some positive way – and this is a great display of power on the part of the person who is revering the other and not the other way around. Thank you once again – a great discussion.

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