7 – Ethics

What is ethical to you might not be ethical to others. Let’s talk about that topic in this podcast…


What’s ethical? What isn’t?


In this podcast:

01:03 – The dipsy doodle
01:49 – This episode’s topic: morals and ethics
02:27 – Is the customer always right?
04:27 – Re-educating the buyer
06:39 – Is it worth fighting?
07:57 – A difference of viewpoints
09:05 – An example of a problem customer
12:10 – Is blackhat SEO immoral, or just stupid?
14:52 – The fulfillment of creating value
16:40 – Define crossing the line, and are you doing it?
18:45 – When ethics misalign
20:47 – Why you shouldn’t always be honest
23:01 – Solicited honesty
27:06 – The weekly willpower wager: 7 days without filters
29:18 – News and updates: James with his ninjas
32:00 – Innovate, document and delegate
33:52 – Comments: Is Ezra a Scientologist?
37:07 – Ezra’s Think About It quote
38:21 – James’s quote
39:33 – TAG Tip: Teach your team everything you know
42:57 – Mindset and strategy: Join a mastermind
44:17 – Change your perspective through travel



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  1. Greetings,
    Thank you for your recent interest in The Church, please contact me at Alpha Center One our relearning and meta-info control facility. My number is (323) 960 3500.
    I look forward to learning you.

  2. i think i’m not here to educate people but to serve them. with the right filters (to get the perfect customers) problems like james mentions shouldn’t occur…;)
    in terms of ‘ethics’ i would rather think about the responsibility as an entrepreneur. resp. for the team and the quality and sustainability of products and services. it’s not only about selling, but also, and mostly, makin’ a better place to live…

  3. Hey Guys,

    I’m really enjoying this series of podcasts. Just discovered Ezra and I’m digging his accent and approach. He sounds like one of my mates from South Carolina.

    James, loving the continuing podcast content. Your poddys are the first ones I typically crank on when I’ve got some quiet time. Love the mix of short and long. I know I can get my fix when I’ve got only a few minutes or pick a longer one when I’ve got more time.


  4. Phil W. Blackwell says

    My wife is a researcher for a health services company and anytime I mention doing SEO she gives me this look and I’m like, hey, I’m not one of those guys throwing out those crappy articles everywhere!

  5. Phil W. Blackwell says

    Hey James,

    I couldn’t remember if this episode was the one you mentioned that cash system scam going around on FB or not, but I think I just got my first invitation via text message (be broke no more .com). I’m not sure if it’s the same thing you mentioned, but judging by this website it probably is. You give a “cash gift” of $3,500 to this person and nothing of value is given to you in return except the privilege of getting cash gifts from others using this website system “and it doesn’t require selling to family or friends”. Right…


    Thanks for the heads up..


  6. Jeff Mesina says

    I think that dripping filters for a day will be an interesting exercise for me because I probably filter too much of what I’m thinking sometimes to keep the peace. If I don’t comment in the next episode then I’ve probably gone too far on the other side. Will steer clear of the pubs for today.

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