69 – Patience

Imagine the things you can accomplish in life and in business if you’ve got that right amount of patience. Tune into this episode as James and Ezra talk about the real value of patience and how it needs to be practiced.


James and Ezra perform “Patience”


Podcast highlights:

02:40 – Stop liking your own Facebook post!
03:30 – What’s this episode about?
03:56 – The inspiration for this episode
05:51 – Can you control it?
08:17 – Only do THESE things
10:37 – Slow down, enjoy the ride
12:28 – How relationships create opportunities
16:30 – Setting a good timeframe
16:56 – Three pillars of Facebook advertising
20:45 – The confusion in the e-commerce industry
23:27 – Hunger vs positioning
25:30 – The moral of the story
25:53 – When does patience work best?
27:46 – News and Updates
36:36 – Think About It quotes



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Hold on with an open hand. [Click To Tweet].
Content marketing is patient selling. [Click To Tweet].


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