68 – Truth

James and Ezra get together to talk about the thing that some people can’t accept, that some say can set you free, and that sometimes changes. Prepare to explore truth in business and in life, in this episode of ThinkActGet.

Sometimes you need to release one truth to grasp another

Podcast highlights:

01:23 – An interesting political climate
02:59 – What this episode looks at
04:07 – Truth in business
10:07 – Are you being a hard boss?
13:40 – Agreement and reality
17:03 – What is your own truth?
20:12 – Truth that needs review
25:04 – When you need to let go of truth
25:32 – What drives your business?
31:14 – Adapting to changing truths
33:39 – What a mirror can tell you
35:45 – Weekly wager: Come out with the hard truth
38:05 – In the news: 4 months to this live event
41:25 – Ezra’s new training course
43:53 – Think About It quotes

The only way out is through. [Click To Tweet]
Comfort is the enemy of growth. [Click To Tweet]
Good habits are bred in hard times, and bad habits are bred in good times. [Click To Tweet]
Agreement creates reality. [Click To Tweet]
Perfection includes the potential for change. [Click To Tweet]
Operating from scarcity is always a losing move. [Click To Tweet]
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