67 – Video

Video is possibly the most visible and powerful online medium these days, which is why James and Ezra have made it the topic of their latest TAG episode. In a more business-y tone than usual, our hosts talk about the many uses of video, how it works, and some tips from their respective experiences with video.



Ezra leveraging the video medium



In the episode:

01:59 – A more business-y topic
03:05 – The media that’s everywhere
03:36 – What inspired the subject
06:05 – James’s acting background
07:41 – A low-budget approach
09:07 – Authenticity counts
09:35 – When you’re uncomfortable on camera
11:42 – Can you put out great content without video?
12:29 – Video in other business contexts
15:30 – How is it done?
17:13 – Strategy versus technology
19:04 – What James and Ezra are doing well
20:59 – Leveraging a good story
22:25 – On a boat in the Maldives
24:02 – The value of going disconnected
26:59 – Ezra’s upcoming training program
28:30 – Ezra live on Facebook
29:58 – We’d love to hear from you



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