66 – Flexibility

How well do you adapt to the circumstances that life sends you? And can you be too adaptable? James and Ezra look into the topic of flexibility – what it is, when it’s good, and how much is too much.



Travel can call on you to be flexible to different cultures


In the podcast:

01:29 – Ezra’s groundhog solution
05:10 – Bending without breaking
06:24 – Too much or too little flexibility
07:17 – Survival in the SEO industry
12:23 – The thing we need to master
14:27 – From your body to your mental state
17:42 – Confidence and flexibility in business
20:17 – Setting yourself up to adapt
20:55 – Flexibility while travelling
22:35 – Be willing and able to change
23:57 – When you care too much
27:18 – Why we can’t deal with technology
28:58 – Wager: What advice would you never take and why?
29:52 – Coming in March 2017…
31:08 – What Ezra’s got in the works
33:01 – Leave us some input
33:42 – The issue of animal cruelty
38:34 – Think About It quotes
39:42 – Summing it up



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