65 – Disappointment

Who hasn’t been disappointed? How you handle it can make a big difference in your work and your life. Delve into the topic with James and Ezra in this episode of ThinkActGet.



Ezra’s safe, uneventful taxi ride was not to be

Episode highlights:

00:47 – A harrowing experience
02:27 – Disappointment defined
03:43 – Should you save others from disappointment?
04:48 – Ezra’s moral dilemma
08:20 – Debating the right thing to do
10:40 – When people let you down
13:55 – Disappointment as motivator
15:57 – The role of expectations
20:48 – It helps to accept change
21:05 – For the chronically unsatisfied
21:42 – The more you know…
23:01 – What would you do?
23:59 – Wager: Investigate disappointment
24:43 – News and updates
27:09 – Where to go for DNA info
28:23 – Think About It quotes
29:02 – The wrap-up



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  1. Loved this show, must read that book Sapians! Ezra raises such a good point about how easy to worry about animal harm, yet still eat meat. It does my head in sometimes too, how can you have it both ways? Well maybe Sapians will help me here… This is the first ep I listened to on my iphone, in the car, normally at my desk! It was fantastic, I’ll have to do it more often! I thought JS’ solution to Erza’s issue of what to do (ie buy from the store) was sensational… Sometimes you don’t say a lot JS, but when you do, you nail it! 🙂 K

  2. Ezra, it sounds like your gardening and rodent experiencing is very “dissappointing”. I’m curious, after spending 30 minutes on thinking about the two sides of the situation (yours and the rodent’s/yours and the garden), what did you come up with?

  3. Kathy Heshelow says

    Ezra, we have a raccoon who is recently going on our roof (climbs up a tree to get there.) We decided (after talking to our yard guy) that we will do a trap and then he will take it to a wildlife preserve that is a mile away (we might come with). A few people (including some “trapping companies”) kill them but unless something is trying to kill me and it’s self-defense, I just don’t want to kill. It’s their world too. We have someone coming next week to see if there is a nest or babies somewhere on the roof before we set up the little cage.

    Thanks to you and James for the podcasts and discussion. Really enjoy!

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