64 – Foundation


The Ezra-groundhog standoff

How have you designed the core foundation of your business? Is it sustainable? Listen to James and Ezra talk about the key elements and principles of laying a solid foundation for business and life.


Episode highlights:

01:00 – Ezra is in a war
03:54 – The storm of 50 years
05:23 – What solid foundation does
09:22 – What is foundation?
12:17 – Some things will erode your foundation
13:04 – A big awareness
17:04 – At the core of everything is…
21:56 – It takes effort
24:48 – Is it the hardest at first?
28:17 – Laying a solid foundation in business
31:14 – Communication is key
35:41 – Weekly Willpower Wager
36:39 – News and Updates
41:52 – Listeners’ comments
43:41 – Think About It quotes



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Mentioned in the show:

Oldest tools show we had a different foundation than first thought
Great white breaching behind surfer
Surfer gets huge wave on the head
Houses losing their yards
About groundhogs


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  1. Juan C Izquierdo says

    Where can we find more information on that DNA test thatJames talked about in the foundation episode?

  2. Kathy Heshelow says

    Great podcast. We often overlook the foundations – and also the “why are we doing this”.

    P.S. also interested in the DNA test James. I did the National Geographic one some years back that was really interesting as to where my genes are from, the migratory patterns of ancestors etc. but it didn’t go into the “medical” side. Interesting stuff!
    P.P.S. Ezra, when I was a kid, there was a groundhog that was tearing everything up around our house, eating the garden, ruining my father’s “hobby fields” of wheat & corn, and it tried to attack our dogs. For better or worse, he was shot. It was the only thing to do and I wasn’t traumatized by it as a kid but understand the moral questions and feel more deeply about the subject now. I hope it works out for you and Carrie and “Fred”.

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