64 – Foundation


The Ezra-groundhog standoff

How have you designed the core foundation of your business? Is it sustainable? Listen to James and Ezra talk about the key elements and principles of laying a solid foundation for business and life.


Episode highlights:

01:00 – Ezra is in a war
03:54 – The storm of 50 years
05:23 – What solid foundation does
09:22 – What is foundation?
12:17 – Some things will erode your foundation
13:04 – A big awareness
17:04 – At the core of everything is…
21:56 – It takes effort
24:48 – Is it the hardest at first?
28:17 – Laying a solid foundation in business
31:14 – Communication is key
35:41 – Weekly Willpower Wager
36:39 – News and Updates
41:52 – Listeners’ comments
43:41 – Think About It quotes



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Mentioned in the show:

Oldest tools show we had a different foundation than first thought
Great white breaching behind surfer
Surfer gets huge wave on the head
Houses losing their yards
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