63 – Mistakes

Mistakes are common in life. You don’t have to feel bad if you make one. The key is to know how to respond to it and find the lessons hidden in it. Tune in as James and Ezra talk about this in this latest episode of ThinkActGet.



Mistakes happen to us all


In the episode:

01:10 – Defining “mistake”
01:58 – Is there room for mistakes in business?
05:40 – To err is human
08:25 – If you could go back in time…
10:58 – Handling other people’s mistakes
13:24 – Accept this one fact about life
16:40 – Here comes blame
19:15 – Seeking out solutions
21:20 – Weekly Willpower Wager
22:07- News and Updates
25:00 – Listeners’ comments
36:24 – Think About It quotes



Mistakes are information. [Click To Tweet]
A mistake is an investment in experience. [Click To Tweet]
True intentions are demonstrated by attainment. [Click To Tweet]
Don’t tell me what you’re going to do. Show me what you’ve done. [Click To Tweet]


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