62 – Infrastructure


Hawaiian hangout

In business and in life, we all need some kind of framework. This episode sees Ezra and James tackling the subject of infrastructure – types of infrastructure, what they do for you, and how to build them.

Episode highlights:

00:40 – Hanging out in Hawaii
02:49 – Today’s topic defined
03:52 – Infrastructure and martial arts
06:19 – How to effectively buy help
09:04 – Clarity of input
11:27 – How teams should work
13:39 – What to set up first
15:17 – The single most important thing for your business
18:29 – A generalization shattered
19:03 – If you can make it in Sydney…
21:01 – Ezra’s first converting offer
22:38 – Types of infrastructure
23:49 – The importance of routines
24:33 – Does it seem overwhelming?
27:16 – The 1-1-1 method
27:48 – Stripping away the unessential
30:32 – On motivating people
32:45 – Summing up
33:11 – What this episode didn’t have
34:12 – The willpower wager
35:06 – Signing off



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  1. Guys- Solid episode without any infrastructure. I am just about do our new org chart review today, good timing. One thing that is not discussed is the advantages of building infrastructure on a global architecture with a geo arbitraged workforce. For instance, we have x-pat Americans living in Mexico running operations, and various teams globally reporting in to them. By setting up a infrastructure that allows for distributed human capital, but still with a “local sounding” op center array, we have concurred an interesting cost to value equation. In my opinion, many people in the US are still quite myopic on workforce opportunities to build internal infrastructure.

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