61 – Intention


It takes more than intent to make something a reality

The power of intention is undeniable, but only if it’s paired with action. In this episode, learn how you can set an intention, do it, and make sure it will truly make a difference in your business and your life.


In this episode:

01:50 – What we intend to do this episode
02:36 – Are you walking the talk?
03:44 – True intention is demonstrated by this
03:59 – Looking for the breakdown
06:21 – When people get into arguments…
07:08 – Why Ezra’s basically screaming into the mic
08:19 – Intention is planning
08:47 – What would you do if this happened to you?
12:16 – When you’re being tested…
15:06 – Here’s a challenge for you!
16:16 – Intention in a business perspective
17:20 – Demonstration and action
18:14 – Weekly Willpower Wager
19:41 – News and Updates
23:25 – Listeners’ comments
28:22 – Think About It quotes



Your intention is your mental blueprint. [Click To Tweet].
Don’t set it and forget it. [Click To Tweet].
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. [Click To Tweet].
Without action, intention is pointless. [Click To Tweet].
True intention is demonstrated by attainment. [Click To Tweet].


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