60 – Listening


How well do you listen?

Can you hear what people are saying based on their actions? Can you effectively communicate with the people around you? Discover the art of true listening and learn how paying attention to words unsaid can help you modify your life and your business.


In the podcast:

01:29 – When people aren’t being watched
02:32 – One true secret to leadership
03:03 – What does listening really mean?
04:22 – Supersonic listening
07:16 – You can do this
08:28 – A lesson in martial arts
09:30 – People don’t know what to ask
10:26 – Develop your processing power
12:08 – How to ask questions for better answers
13:33 – Disaster car dealer stories
16:42 – Good and bad operators
18:16 – Here’s a winning way to sell
18:56 – Workplace listening
20:23 – Rapport building
21:30 – Try this when the situation gets real bad
20:20 – The instant influence framework
22:58 – Why trust how you feel
24:46 – The opposite of good customer service
26:25 – Active listening
28:59 – Check for huge clues
29:40 – Weekly Willpower Wager
30:57 – News and updates
33:32 – Think About It quotes



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  1. My first sales job ever, I generated my own leads, telemarketed my own leads and presented to my own leads. Having had a mix of experience of both telephone and in person over the years, listening (outside of what’s being said) includes observation of a persons actions, ever so slight as taking a pen that you offer or physically looking (or not looking) at what you are bringing their attention to. Also knowing this, hightens your awareness of your own actions, or reactions. Often when negotiating bigger deals, on the Inside you’re saying “WOW!!” to something that makes your heart beat go off the ricter scale… but on the outside, you’ve got to be as cool as a cucumber!

    Though I think the topic of the podcast and the interpretation of the speakers lends more towards intuition, rathar than reading. Hence, the eyes closed.

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