6 – Community

The community you belong to plays a big part of your life and work. You’ll get more of those insights in this podcast.


An evening of community


In this episode:

00:41 – What role does community play in your business and your life?
01:57 – The power of groups
03:33 – Free versus paid communities
05:11 – Customer acquisition in communities
07:22 – Being real in a group
09:50 – James topless
11:34 – From the goal of selling to that of serving
13:14 – When a group is not good for you
15:12 – Seeking new communities
17:02 – All it takes is one person
20:55 – Wager: Do one thing for each of your communities each day for seven days
23:02 – Participate in the ThinkActGet community
25:02 – ThinkActGet hits number 3 on Aussie business iTunes chart
26:12 – Ezra opens a services division on Smart Marketer
26:50 – FastWebFormula 4 scheduled for June 13th and 14th
28:22 – Listener comments
31:34 – James’s quote of the day
35:11 – Ezra’s quote
37:42 – The TAG tips section
37:52 – Look for how you can serve people
38:42 – Identify your weekly “One Thing” goal
39:26 – Move your body



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