6 – Community

The community you belong to plays a big part of your life and work. You’ll get more of those insights in this podcast.


An evening of community


In this episode:

00:41 – What role does community play in your business and your life?
01:57 – The power of groups
03:33 – Free versus paid communities
05:11 – Customer acquisition in communities
07:22 – Being real in a group
09:50 – James topless
11:34 – From the goal of selling to that of serving
13:14 – When a group is not good for you
15:12 – Seeking new communities
17:02 – All it takes is one person
20:55 – Wager: Do one thing for each of your communities each day for seven days
23:02 – Participate in the ThinkActGet community
25:02 – ThinkActGet hits number 3 on Aussie business iTunes chart
26:12 – Ezra opens a services division on Smart Marketer
26:50 – FastWebFormula 4 scheduled for June 13th and 14th
28:22 – Listener comments
31:34 – James’s quote of the day
35:11 – Ezra’s quote
37:42 – The TAG tips section
37:52 – Look for how you can serve people
38:42 – Identify your weekly “One Thing” goal
39:26 – Move your body



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  1. Enjoyed this episode, and will organize my social outreaches with regards to communities I spend time in…

    Great food for thought!

    Look forward to the next episode. 🙂

    Carol Amato

  2. Another enjoyable episode guys. I like how you’re both digging into the mindset of success with this show. Shows an often overlooked side of business success – especially within online business. A couple of suggestions for future shows – ‘Combatting Perfectionism’ and ‘The Power of Checklists (organisation). You guys are the best! Keep it up

  3. I’m a mindset junky, it is what makes or brakes people, and love your show. I’m a FWF member and it’s the first forum I’ve been a member to. Also, I’ve only known about IM in the past four months. Which leads me to my question, how can I better add value to the community where most everyone actively in conversations know way more than I do? It just seems like all I can do is ask a ton of questions but really can’t help others, any ideas?

  4. Hey guys great podcast. I like the way you two work together. I just got into marketing and was looking to learn e-commerce. I agree with you guys that to move up in business you have to surround yourself with positive people and expert communities. What communities would you recommend a new entrepreneur as myself.

  5. Scott Dunstan says

    I am loving this podcast! Ezra I think you make Schramy come out with his funny side 🙂 Love the high quality content from two great guys who live by what they say! btw I have signed up for your bbf course Ezra looking forward putting in the work and reaping the rewards!

    p.s James were you sipping on a few cheeky drinks while recording this particular podcast episode? 😛

    Much love and respect!


  6. Phil W. Blackwell says

    I’ve been a part of several online communities and masterminds, but always let that time excuse prevent me from contributing as much as I would like. Now I have a better idea of how to do it.. great episode.

  7. Where is the Stand Up desk Ezra?

  8. I joined FWF a few weeks ago. What you guys said about the value of paid communities in this episode really hit home for me. I concur. If you hand out with eagles, you’ll learn to fly a lot sooner.

  9. Jeff Mesina says

    Another great episode guys. Will be sharing an inspiring quote with my community each day this week.

    I’ve just realised that I should’ve saved my $5 for the topless show by James. I guess you know where my vote sits.

  10. Lirone Glikman says

    Great podcast- very inspiring! thank you Ezra & James!

  11. Cara Bullock says

    Hi James and Ezra, I really enjoyed this podcast so thank you.

    Ezra you mentioned that you would be happy to put the listeners in contact with some online communities or facebook groups (17:20). Whilst I’m not quite at the level needed to SFB just yet (I’m a entrepreneurial-newbie and I know that James really caters for middle to high performers, but I am determined to change my world for the better).
    I am actively seeking a community/group that I can share with and where I can be supported. Do you have any suggestions for me?
    I am mid thirties, live in Melbourne and I am currently building my first (of many hopefully) ecommerce stores.
    On a side note I actually stopped the podcast half way to go over the SFB and watch James to shave or not to shave video! it did make me laugh out loud on the train.
    One last thing – in the Listening podcast you were both talking about asking questions. Interested vs interesting questions. While I get this in theory (who, what, how, when) I haven’t really heard what good questioning sounds like. If you are looking for your topic, to hear some examples of good questioning and how people respond would be really valuable for me (and probably others) as I am trying to ask better questions all the time.
    Hope to meet you both one day a live event.

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