59 – Solitude

Are you always staying busy, or do you have the courage to be alone? How does solitude affect your life and your business? Learn the answers from this latest episode of ThinkActGet.


Ezra ventures into the solitude of the jungle


Podcast highlights:

02:45 – The state of being alone
04:55 – 11 days without tech
05:25 – Here’s a great exercise
06:45 – A surprise guest
07:50 – More energy and clarity
10:45 – When you take time by yourself…
12:05 – What you eliminate, what you gain
14:28 – If you’re scared of being alone
15:55 – Bending time
17:04 – The value of diverse experiences
21:09 – The power of having a team and a deadline
22:34 – One little tip
24:13 – Mental cleanse
26:29 – Weekly Willpower Wager
27:40 – News and Updates
32:02 – Listeners’ comments
33:11 – Think About It quotes



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  1. Great episode, very thought-provoking! Wonderful having Carrie share her perspective. James: I hope you don’t snore on the plane! LOL

  2. Love this episode. Thanks guys.

  3. Errol Nezar says

    Thanks guys great episode after hearing James say he only goes on Facebook once a week I did a Facebook clean up and unfollowed a hole lot of people and groups now every thing looks so clean you can’t believe how much crap you follow thanks guys

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