57 – Waiting

Sometimes you have no choice but to wait. What you can control are your actions and thoughts while waiting, which can greatly impact your business and your life. In this episode, James and Ezra offer insights on a universal human experience, and great tips on what to do when you just have to wait.


Sometimes while waiting, all you can do is enjoy the view.


Topics discussed:

01:18 – The madness of Vegas
03:27 – From wanting something to getting it
04:21 – The 3 parts of an experience
04:56 – Why processes are valuable
06:03 – Tools to make waiting enjoyable
07:18 – Waiting as a skill
08:01 – When there are no shortcuts
09:39 – The importance of being present
10:52 – The conveyor belt of time
14:05 – A period of preparation
14:51 – Why wait until you’re 65?
16:28 – Influence your future
17:32 – Dude talk on the art of folding clothes
18:59 – Willpower Wager: How do you wait?
20:38 – News and updates: SuperFastBusiness Live in March
21:30 – Ezra’s upcoming e-commerce course
24:31 – A productive break from travel
26:30 – Why build a market overseas?
27:11 – Listener comments
29:19 – Think About It quotes
31:09 – Summing it up



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  1. This is good – I totally agree; there is almost no such thing as waiting when you live a purpose driven life, because even the gaps are productive.

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