56 – Improvement

What should you be doing to make significant improvements in your life and your business? If you really want to change things for the better, take this episode as a guide and a challenge to make the moves that will really make a positive difference in your life and your business.


We’ve all got the potential to be better


Podcast highlights:

01:02 – Ezra’s got Dr.Dolittle’s powers
02:38 – Warning: Are you ready for this?
03:28 – Subjective forecast + Value judgement
06:07 – How do you know it’s really “better”?
07:44 – A scoring system to know
10:20 – A question worth defining
11:20 – You’re in control
12:13 – A 3-part framework for business
16:48 – Give yourself a way to win
17:05 – Acknowledgement is powerful
18:51 – Benchmarking
20:49 – Here’s a fact
22:52 – What improvement doesn’t mean
25:13 – The best way to hold on
25:46 – Two ways to win, one way to lose
28:11 – Weekly Willpower Wager
30:51 – News and updates
38:23 – Think About It quotes



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