56 – Improvement

What should you be doing to make significant improvements in your life and your business? If you really want to change things for the better, take this episode as a guide and a challenge to make the moves that will really make a positive difference in your life and your business.


We’ve all got the potential to be better


Podcast highlights:

01:02 – Ezra’s got Dr.Dolittle’s powers
02:38 – Warning: Are you ready for this?
03:28 – Subjective forecast + Value judgement
06:07 – How do you know it’s really “better”?
07:44 – A scoring system to know
10:20 – A question worth defining
11:20 – You’re in control
12:13 – A 3-part framework for business
16:48 – Give yourself a way to win
17:05 – Acknowledgement is powerful
18:51 – Benchmarking
20:49 – Here’s a fact
22:52 – What improvement doesn’t mean
25:13 – The best way to hold on
25:46 – Two ways to win, one way to lose
28:11 – Weekly Willpower Wager
30:51 – News and updates
38:23 – Think About It quotes



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  1. Fast!! Well done Carol

  2. Love this show. Great episode guys. Already edited my weekly framework template to include WC1.

  3. Thanks @carolamato:disqus!

  4. Ye of little faith James, Ezra I’m with you – I reckon you can beckon the animals 🙂 My brother strangely attracts animals, they even sit on him EG he would be sitting in a park and a little bird would hop onto his knee and domestic animals that meet him for the first time just want to be near him and he found himself in the middle of a school of blue bottle jelly fish and as he moved they would move so they were always surrounding him. Though I don’t think he beckons the animals, I think it just happens and he doesn’t know why….so on that note maybe James is right! They are just there! haha full 360 doh!

  5. I love it James. I am who I am.

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