54 – Stability

Are you standing firm? Or are your feet on shaky ground? Find the balance and see how stability can make a huge difference in your business and in life.


Sometimes in life we need training wheels

In this episode:

00:52 – 10 days in Vegas
03:04 – Solid and supportive
03:22 – What upbringing has to do with it
04:46 – The true cost of travel
05:53 – What emotional stability really means
06:13 – Stability in partnerships
07:24 – Why some people are not stable
08:31 – Finding balance through routine
09:41 – How stability lets you swing further
10:57 – Be clear about your baseline
11:58 – The returns of a stable income
13:56 – What stability does for relationships
15:23 – How to say “no” to the new & shiny
18:11 – Keep moving that train
19:47 – James’s literary goal
22:18 – Weekly Wager – Identify instability
23:06 – News and updates
25:28 – Give your feedback
25:59 – Think About It quotes



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