53 – Ego

Do you see the world as what it is, or do you see it as what you are? Time to face the truth about your ego, in this episode.


Is your ego bigger than the reality?


In the podcast:

02:10 – Is ego a negative thing?
04:07 – When power equals skewed perception
05:06 – A way to live a balanced life
06:40 – Putting that strong ego ON
07:48 – Your perception vs. their perception
09:27- Building relationships
12:25 – Managing change at work
15:27 – When do you need a mentor?
16:49 – An exercise in bolstering self-belief
18:03 – Under-inflated ego or over-inflated ego
18:40 – How do you program yourself?
19:30 – Weekly Wager: What are you insecure about?
22:37 – News and updates
27:46 – Listeners’ comments
36:31 – Think About It quotes



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