53 – Ego

Do you see the world as what it is, or do you see it as what you are? Time to face the truth about your ego, in this episode.


Is your ego bigger than the reality?


In the podcast:

02:10 – Is ego a negative thing?
04:07 – When power equals skewed perception
05:06 – A way to live a balanced life
06:40 – Putting that strong ego ON
07:48 – Your perception vs. their perception
09:27- Building relationships
12:25 – Managing change at work
15:27 – When do you need a mentor?
16:49 – An exercise in bolstering self-belief
18:03 – Under-inflated ego or over-inflated ego
18:40 – How do you program yourself?
19:30 – Weekly Wager: What are you insecure about?
22:37 – News and updates
27:46 – Listeners’ comments
36:31 – Think About It quotes



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  1. Awesome episode – Talk about thought-provoking! For me, it’s a balancing act between being confident and humble at the same time. Had never heard that quote from M. Mead – pretty much sums it up. Will take the challenge this week for sure. Great to hear a new episode – thanks so much. 🙂

  2. I’d heard once that a mans ego is very important and it’s important for a woman (as a wife) to support her husbands ego, not detroy it. Apparantly a mans ego can be easily crushed and needs to be nurtured. I don’t know if this is the same for women.

    Also, it’s interesting that James wanted Ezra to have his hair cut just like him… This is the sign of a very healthy ego!! James was that a cunning deliberation or were you unaware?

    • It’s bot a case of me wanting Ezra to look like me – I just wondered if he is ready to look his age more

      • I totally get where Ezra is coming from though if he likes that he looks older. I struggled with the same thing people thinking I was 19 when I was 27! But growing facial hair was not an option 🙁 But then at other times, it had it’s advantages. Seeing when peolpe presumed they could pull the wool over my eyes and then I’d snooker them!

        • @disqus_pvTPUiCbXa:disqus my wife likes the hair and that’s whats most important!

          • Ok Ezra 🙂 so where do I find one (a man) the likes of you!

          • @bernie awww, thanks! … answer: you create one by approving of him and then asking him to behave in ways you want (training/molding him into being the man you want him to be — it starts with approval then a request for behavior change then approval again).

          • Thank you – i did a quick personal audit as I slowly read the reply a third time… I think the missing key has been ‘asking’ and ‘approval again’

  3. Great episode again guys but I have a feeling that your opinions on electric vehicles will be revised once you have driven a Tesla. I think EVs will be mainstream within 10 years given the current rate of progress and the fact that electric can be created entirely from renewables such as wind and solar.

  4. thx fot the input, dears!
    ego isn’t the observer. that’s consciousness. ego is the distractor, it’s what makes us feel proud, jealous, worthless, fearful of death (wich is an illusion anyways). it’s the attachement to our thinking. that’s not negative/positive, it is how it is. dissolving it is the only purpose of our being. so that we can act from our true heart and core as the powerful loving creators we are. steadily thinking, acting, getting in the real flow! 🙂
    p.s.: nice suggestion with the ‘ethics in business’ as a topic – so urgent!

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