52 – Fluidity

Much has been said about the adaptability of water, and this is one of the things James and Ezra discuss as they dive into the topic of fluidity. Achieving the balance between structure and flow can transform your business and your life. Learn more in this episode.


Learn the lesson of adaptability from water


Discussed in the podcast:

00:52 – A different take on Black Friday sales
03:14 – A old rabbi’s wisdom
03:50 – Fluidity defined
04:28 – A drop-in comment from Carrie
06:24 – More authenticity, less resistance
07:10 – How owning the racecourse allows fluidity
07:55 – Fluid surfboard design
10:56 – Do you feel betrayed by change?
11:24 – Enjoying the ride
12:51 – More than one right way
13:41 – When speech is too rehearsed
16:05 – You need the structure
17:54 – The art of changing direction
20:31 – Why multitasking is a misnomer
21:24 – Looking within YOU
22:20 – Weekly Wager: Where are you rigid?
24:44 – News and updates: Manly in March
27:46 – Comments on the “Hustle” episode
29:56 – Bewildered about hipster fashion
33:05 – Taking action vs. doing the right thing
39:02 – Think About It quotes
40:30 – Summing things up





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  1. Good WWW challenge for me –

    Okay, I was rigid in my closed-mindedness about a certain professional autoresponder. Refused to let go of a fear about something in their TOS… Well, 2015 is going to be the year for big growth for me, so I signed up! 🙂 I even shocked myself.

  2. Hey guys love the conversations on the podcast. As an e-commerce entrepreneur I love your discussions! Met Ezra a couple times in SD the past couple of years and got some great advice from his meet-up talks and looking forward to getting plugged into one of the mastermind groups.

    I was listening to your banter about fashion… I’ve got a solution. I hooked up Ezra with one of our super premium Made in California tees which we call Amazingly Comfortable (perhaps Ezra could attest…) and what’s great is they’re made from “Ocean Friendly” organic cotton (as a surfer James could appreciate that). Solves both needs!

    Also I heard Ezra talk about marketing models, saying some people are “focused on this model that is not sustainable” and I figured I’d chime in because you guys are great at connecting the dots on complicated subjects and this ties into both of your passions and deep thinking minds.

    Believe it or not the fashion industry is one the the largest polluting industries on earth, as a lifelong surfer, spearfisherman, hunter as well as part time yogi I feel I have an obligation to be mindful about consumption, which is why I created a business to help protect our ocean playground, clearly our current model of consumption is not sustainable. After listening to 20+ hours of you guys talking it seems you’re probably on the more mindful side of consumption, so perhaps you guys could do an episode on business/mindfulness/giving back?

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