51 – Hustle

Is hustle good or bad? Could you use more of it, or are you over-hustling into an early grave? In this week’s episode, James and Ezra discuss the various definitions of hustle and their applications in business and in life.


Hustle has a dark side

In the podcast:

00:39 – Next door to death
03:37 – The opposite of entitlement
04:24 – Many meanings of “hustle”
05:26 – The light and dark of it
07:42 – James’ take on hustle
09:42 – Making use of opportunity
10:52 – Building momentum
13:05 – The myth of the overnight success
15:14 – Hustle as escapism
16:30 – The right amount at the right time
17:35 – Enjoy yourself now
18:44 – Escape is possible
20:58 – Deciding to narrow your focus
22:47 – Be willing to work
24:43 – The humble achiever
25:48 – Hustle applied to surfing
28:31 – Willpower Wager: Where could you use some hustle?
30:20 – It all comes down to “yes” or “no”
32:02 – News and updates: Upcoming live event
33:20 – Getting value out of a community
34:45 – Think About It quotes
39:41 – In closing



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