51 – Hustle

Is hustle good or bad? Could you use more of it, or are you over-hustling into an early grave? In this week’s episode, James and Ezra discuss the various definitions of hustle and their applications in business and in life.


Hustle has a dark side

In the podcast:

00:39 – Next door to death
03:37 – The opposite of entitlement
04:24 – Many meanings of “hustle”
05:26 – The light and dark of it
07:42 – James’ take on hustle
09:42 – Making use of opportunity
10:52 – Building momentum
13:05 – The myth of the overnight success
15:14 – Hustle as escapism
16:30 – The right amount at the right time
17:35 – Enjoy yourself now
18:44 – Escape is possible
20:58 – Deciding to narrow your focus
22:47 – Be willing to work
24:43 – The humble achiever
25:48 – Hustle applied to surfing
28:31 – Willpower Wager: Where could you use some hustle?
30:20 – It all comes down to “yes” or “no”
32:02 – News and updates: Upcoming live event
33:20 – Getting value out of a community
34:45 – Think About It quotes
39:41 – In closing



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  1. Great episode guys. James, an interesting view on Gary Vaynerchuk’s style of hustle. I interpreted more as doing the work that matters, not necessarily pumping out huge hours at the expense of other areas of his life. I like the concept of applying positive energy to work that matters.

  2. Hustle is an interesting topic as it reminds of the other popular expression mentioned online of “Take Action”. I’ve been trying to make create an online business for 5years and big highs and lows and lots of “Action taken” but not much long term to show for it and sort of at the final stage of burnout. The hard thing with “taking action” and work ethic is you can find that it doesn’t always achieve the results you wanted, but that is life 🙂

  3. Great one guys, enjoyed 109% 🙂 I think hustle is best when the intention is to serve others, as the rewards are great in areas of your life that really matter.

  4. Balance is key and focusing on 80/20. Great take away. Ezra did an awesome job, but I think James gave it 110%! haha

  5. Hey guys, I know this comment is a bit late but I’ve only just listened to this podcast now. It may not be relevant now and not of much use to Ezra because he’s probably moved out of the little cabin next to the graveyard, but I thought it’d be interesting to share how I’ve always viewed graveyards since I was a child (about the age of 12). I love them, I think there is an element of mystery and romance in a graveyard, I’ve always been very curious and seen the tombstones as celebrations of life. It saddens me when I just see a name and dates but when there’s a line or two about the person or family members buried next to each other I get caught up in the possible stories of their lives and when I see something written in honour of them on a tombstone it makes me smile. A different perspective, and Ezra if you’re still near the graveyard, I hope this uplifts you whenever you see it.

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