50 – Loss

In the 50th episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra discuss that thing that no one can totally avoid. Loss comes to everyone, and how we respond to it can greatly impact us in life and in business.


How do you deal with loss?

Discussed in the podcast:

02:10 – The thing we all risk
04:24 – The phases of loss
06:01 – Benefitting from loss
07:45 – We are not in control
09:11 – The law of contrast
11:40 – What acceptance does for you
13:47 – Desire leads to loss
15:28 – Evading pain vs. the pursuit of winning
17:07 – Celebrate the challenges
17:46 – Finding profit in every loss
18:12 – James’ early experience of loss
22:39 – Avoiding loss by backing winners
25:08 – Be a master of change
27:14 – The art of brinkmanship
30:11 – Discussed so far
31:57 – Willpower wager: Be OK with losing
32:59 – News and updates: Ezra’s moving
35:08 – How SuperFastBusiness Live is shaping up
38:33 – Think About It quotes
42:09 – Summing it up



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  1. Sorry Ezra and James,

    I am going to have to pull you up on this one. For it to be a Weekly Willpower Wager, you have to podcast weekly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hey Ezra?

    And I have a topic suggestion for you: Hustle

  2. Leo Konfino says

    Great episode guys! Really enjoyed the inspirational element in this discussion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, one of the best TAG episodes ever. Nice job guys.

  4. Loved this one guys! This sort of non-tactical business mindset stuff is gold!

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