5 – Money

Money is important. Money can make us do and have what we want. But is our relationship with money keeping us from growing and keeping our relationships with people?


How important is money?

Episode Highlights:


00:45 – A big thank you to all ThinkActGet listeners
01:22 – 4 topics that people have a lot of “charge” on
01:55 – How does money affect your business and life?
02:28 – The “approval sandwich”
02:35 – Let people know that you’re not judging them
03:37 – Be descriptive rather than prescriptive
04:43 – Is your relationship with money healthy?
05:06 – Generating vs. spending vs. keeping money
08:33 – How money is like radio frequency
09:52 – Money has no intrinsic value
10:50 – Don’t obsess about the dollars that won’t make a difference
12:05 – Set your benchmark off the best you’ve been
12:24 – Goal setting is your belief system
13:32 – If you think better, you get better
13:54 – Before thinking of strategies, set your mindset around money first
14:09 – Ezra recommends “Busting Loose From the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld
15:47 – James recommends The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
16:22 – If you have money, get it to work for you
17:00 – Put your money on something that you can control
19:48 – Create something with your money for the long haul
20:39 – Have a “Rainy Day fund”
22:54 – Anything is better than nothing
24:52 – The Ratchet Method
25:35 – Start your own business and invest back in it
27:48 – Most entrepreneurs are not investing enough
28:27 – Think of spending as an investment
28:35 – The Weekly Willpower Wager
30:36 – There’s always room to move up and have more
30:42 – Time for News and Updates
30:47 – FastWebFormula 4 dates are available
32:19 – Visit SuperFastBusiness.com for details on FWF 4
32:48 – Interested versus interesting tip from Episode 2
34:01 – The “Think About It” quotes
34:35 – Get stuff done
36:22 – Tip from The Go-Giver by Bob Burg
37:26 – Time for this week’s TAG tips
38:00 – Create abundance in your life by giving
44:40 – Do something that you enjoy
48:29 – Money is NOT evil



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  1. I love money and what it can do to make a better lifestyle for me and others.

    The more money we make means the more money we can invest in ourselves and becoming a better person, and therefore becoming a better person for others.

    Thanks both of you.

    Listening now.

    I love this subject. 🙂

  2. Freaking awesome is what this podcast is… The structure, the organisation of the material, the content is all absolutely brilliant.

    Thank-you both for giving me superb value.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  3. Thanks guys. Great content. Ezra you sound like you are a Scientologist. Some of those words and ideas are straight out of Scientology text. Flows, Havingness etc. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great Episode guys, I love the humour! Lots of food for thought and as always, plenty of direction for success.

  5. Another great episode guys. I went and read the Millionaire Fast-lane (James recommended book) after listening to this podcast.

    One strong thing I got from it was “You can’t make $5,000 per month until you learn how to make $50 a month!”. That hit home for me and I have decided to start a project not only would I be proud of but one where I can learn to make $50 before making $5k.

    Thanks again guys and keep it up. Fantastic podcast.

    BTW Ezra I borrowed your $5 challenge for my podcast. Hope you don’t mind. I found it such an interesting experiment on how we think about money. I wanted to share it. I did it and found I had to sell it pretty hard before someone would accept.

    No wonder most of the world is broke and in poverty if we can’t even accept the basics in our lives.

  6. Hey Guys, I had a great breakfast at the local food court with my 3 kids the other day. Usually we’d have to share 1 bottle of drink between the 4 of us and hold back on the extra bacon (sorry Mr E – we are meateaters).
    But on this occasion I was happy to splash out, using money that I’d earned online (thanks to a little help from you guys) and really ENJOY spending the cash that we deserved and not feeling guilty about it.
    Lovin’ this podcast, really helps me get through the daily commute.



    • Ezra Firestone says

      Mark that is SO good to hear man!!

      Splurge on that bacon baby, I’ve got nothing going against it.

      Glad you are feeling a bit wealthier as a result of our show. Very much appreciate you dropping by to let us know.

  7. Anastasija says


    Your podcast just makes my mornings as I listen to it in my car on the way to work. I work in IT research as sales manager and absolutly loved todays daily wisdom about seeds and harvesting afterwards- so true and applicable.

    Your advices and hints in general are like morning gym for my brain and help me focusing on important things and see the bigger picture.

    Best podcast I’ve ever listen to 🙂
    Keep going please!


  8. Money is NOT evil!!

  9. nilanjan banerjee says

    very impressive conversation. If i had $100 then i would divide it in 4 parts. $25 to my parents who spend so much of their lives in bringing me what i am today. $25 for my child’s future, $25 for my home and give $25 for charity; And this is my GOAL of life which makes me stay Happy. Thanx 4 the lovely strategies.

  10. Ronen Karasik says

    Great stuff going on here!
    Felt really connected to the “money flow” concept, which i’m trying to explain to people (i use “karma” as a model for explaining this, no luck so far 🙂

    Thanks, will use this chapter as a tool in future money arguments!

    Thanks, and keep up the great service!

  11. This is awesome… The part about “going back” instead of always moving forward really hit home with me. I made a record and was never happy with some aspects, especially the mixing, and in the middle of working on something new, would go back to try to work on it. Ultimately, the files were lost, which was probably the best thing to happen to it.

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of these!

  12. Jeff Mesina says

    Today’s biggest takeaway for me was “The Ratchet Method” as a way to take action and be constantly moving forward instead of getting caught up on getting all the ducks lined up in a row. Thanks again!

    Update -> it was pretty easy to give away the $5. I gave it away on a Uni campus to pay for someone’s club membership…

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