49 – Rules

We follow many rules as a matter of course. Others we question, and some we might break without thinking. Why are rules needed? How important are they to society and your business? James and Ezra explore all these in this week’s ThinkActGet.


Keeping the public in line

This week in the podcast:

00:51 – Ezra’s New York living situation
02:35 – Today’s discussion: Rules
03:54 – How rules structure society
04:41 – Follow the train track or set a new path?
06:01 – Your business as a society
07:15 – Why we need rules
07:47 – How rules affect business productivity
08:41 – Rewarding the desired results
09:51 – Intrinsic right vs. the social contract
11:37 – When you disagree with rules
12:50 – How do you feel about existing rules?
13:18 – A radical rule in SuperFastBusiness
16:56 – Why is the “Dirt” thread so hot?
18:24 – The consequences of breaking rules
19:18 – Setting rules for one’s self
20:52 – When should the rules change?
24:14 – Rules that James hated
26:58 – A lesson from Ezra’s Playstation tactic
28:56 – Can you keep a secret?
30:12 – Stop the talkfest
33:47 – Think about the rules long term
35:06 – The automation rules James and Ezra use
37:48 – James’ 3 golden rules
40:38 – Unspoken social contact rules
45:36 – News and updates: Check out the new SuperFastBusiness.com
46:08 – Ezra’s new membership: The Community
47:27 – Think About It quotes



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  1. hi guys,
    i’ld rather take values than rules (hint), cool picture though!
    anarchy ist not about behaving against rules, but without them. worked fine with a high social coop in spain before franco f.e., and does always perfect in “non-ego”-based natural societies, like aunts. don’t you do urban guardening there in brooklyn, ezra? 😉

  2. David Kidston says

    Hi guys,

    Another great podcast, I am glad you are back in the seat.

    James, in response to you comment about the Bentley driver using the transit lane, I get why he would make this decision on a black and white financial basis. Breaking this rule has more consequences then simply a fine and this is where I feel the arrogance of this decision is displayed. While his actions have only a small impact on the other legitimate vehicles using the lane, it still has an impact and set an example that this is OK.

    So while this secondary impact has no direct consequence for him, it displays an attitude to society rules that place him outside of it, which he is obviously OK with but where I personally could not do this in good concious.

    What do you know it comes down to values again.


  3. Great episode, really got me thinking. Gotta say though, that the ‘dirt’ thread on SFB was a significant reason why I decided it’s not a place for me. YMMV.

  4. hi guys, Ezra a great book to read about how to set up a society is Plato’s Republic. Worth the read even after all these years.

  5. Another great episode.
    Quick question, where can I find the fused app you guys mentioned?

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