48 – Focus

Focus is a funny thing. Too little of it and you don’t achieve your goals; too much of it makes life not worth living. Listen as James and Ezra share tips on how to achieve that viewpoint and balance you need to get the focus you want.


What do you focus on?


In this episode:

01:16 – What happened recently with Ezra?
05:34 – Today’s topic: Focus
05:56 – What is focus?
06:24 – The lens analogy
07:16 – An update from James
08:53 – Narrowing your focus
09:27 – Focus is energy
09:51 – A book recommendation
11:56 – Planning ahead
12:08 – How to zoom back in when you lose focus
14:28 – Helpful, revolutionary tools
17:35 – Don’t let things slip away
18:56 – Here’s a solution
20:11 – How to self-correct
22:15 – Get that AHA! moment
23:55 – Learn about balance
24:21 – This is absolutely critical
25:42 – Weekly Willpower Wager
27:08 – News and updates
31:55 – An upcoming SuperFastBusiness live event
33:03 – Listeners’ comments
39:34 – The “Community” episode
42:30 – Think About It quotes



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  1. Lesley Cassidy Parker says

    A couple of tools I use are:
    Calendar: Acuity Scheduling. I’ve scheduled literally 10’s of thousands of appointments int he last 5 years and Acuity allows complete flexibility and management of your time down to the minute or as broadly as you would like.

    Project Management: Insightly seems to be a good tool for a combination CRM/project management tool. So many tools are either project management based or CRM based…but you need a balance of both. I hope this helps!

    PS: Let me know if you need an agent in Austin. I’ve owned a real estate company for several years before entering the online space. 🙂

  2. Wow, will definitely be taking the challenge from the WWW on Focus episode – will keep you posted on results. Thanks!

    [Immortal’s Five start review on iTunes for Think, Act, Get Power episode:

    “This is the podcast that got me hooked on listening to podcasts, and it’s still my favorite.

    I crushed through all the back episodes in about a week, and I can’t wait for the new ones to arrive. These guys have a ton of credibility; they’ve both scaled the mountain and have been living at the top so long that they’ve become very introspective about how they got there.

    They give away those insights, a ton of value on each episode…it’s great content for which lesser marketers would certainly charge.

    Keep it up, guys.”]

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