47 – Power

James and Ezra are back in another insightful episode of ThinkActGet. This week they delve into the subject of power – what it is, where it comes from, and the different dynamics that surround its use.


Where does your power come from?

In the podcast:

01:40 – Feeling powerful
02:05 – Ezra’s surreal Vegas experience
03:47 – What is power?
06:53  – External versus internal
08:14 – Masculine and feminine might
08:35 – The power of water
09:38 – Knowledge + Action = ?
10:22 – How do you use your power?
12:02 – What if Robert De Niro asks you a favor?
12:31 – More power requires less force
12:53 – Power in relationships
14:09 – Empowering others lifts you up
14:59 – Weekly wager: Power up by resolving your pain point
16:34 – How good do you feel about yourself?
17:09 – Creating your own power
18:41 – News and updates – Upcoming: Smart Marketer Live
19:37 – Come to Manly in March
21:25 – Do less: The Community
22:31 – Some love from listeners
25:38 – Think About It quotes
27:59 – Flicking the lights on
29:27 – Summing things up
31:15 – Why people growl at Ezra



Does external power equal internal power? [Click To Tweet]

Be like water. [Click To Tweet]

True power can’t be given. [Click To Tweet]

Mastering yourself is true power. [Click To Tweet]


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  1. Excellent thought-provoking episode! Loved ‘become an expert in a certain area’ <- I'm on it. Do what it takes to feel more confident. <- Physically, I'm standing more while working, drinking more water, eating better and exercising and already feeling better and lowered my blood pressure! 🙂 Absolute favorite sentence: "Chase your pain point." Are you kidding me? I SO needed this. Thank you for always putting out content that drives me to action.

    P.S. I think Immortal's comment should be used as a banner ad for the show…Awesome copy! 🙂

  2. Denise Condon says

    Hi James/Ezra – I am not sure how I fell upon ‘TAG’ but I am so glad I did. I am absolutely loving your podcasts but I need some advice.

    I was hooked after I listened to procrastination so I have gone back to the beginning of your podcasts and after 4 days I reached episode 16 ‘Excuses’. By now I have a list of books to read, Ezra’s Smartmarketer to visit – James’ Superfast Business – Traffic Grab, Own the Racecourse and anything else that you may have recommended.

    I am almost 60 and a new grandma – I work full-time and started selling on Amazon 12mths ago. Ecommerce is my future with my own brand gaining a ‘little” momentum. Up until March last year I had never heard of Keywords, SEO, Traffic, Squeeze Pages etc etc. I have built my own website and just signed up for shopify through Ezra’s website. I started listening to Own the Racecourse but it was too advanced for me at the moment and when I don”t understand, I become a little despondent and overwhelmed.

    Now I am not making excuses, and I am loving the challenge even though this 12 months has a roller coaster of emotions. but I am not sure how to prioritize what to do next – I want to follow Ezra because Ecommerce is my business and I am an Ezra groupie, but I also want to follow you James because you are awesome AND you are in Australia and I want to be able to come to any events you might be holding here.

    I am loving listening to you both because I feed off your positivity especially when I start doubting myself. I am implementing the Weekly Willpower wager though as you can imagine, I have more than one wager as I try to catch up on your podcasts.

    I don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming an expert who fails to take action. My priority now is to increase sales, by getting more traffic to my Amazon product pages, increase conversions, build my ecommerce store, and build a customer base through quality products and even better customer service.

    What is a good tactic to stop thinking that I need to know everything now – of over analysing and trying for perfection from the start. And if I had to choose a good course to follow at the moment, do you have a suggestion or should I try to catch up on all the podcasts and keep up to date from there

    Thanks very much

  3. Andrew LaFleur says

    Nice work again guys

    FYI “Suits” is filmed in Toronto – so if it makes NYC life look good come on over and visit me sometime and I’ll show you around

    Waves on Lake Ontario not quite big enough for surfing though…

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