45 – Rejection

 We’ve all been slapped with the sting of rejection. But it’s how you respond that will really determine the final outcome. In this episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra prove that there are positive ways of handling a potentially negative experience.


How should you handle rejection?

This week on the podcast:

00:39 – Flip-flopping the time schedule
01:59 – This week’s  touchy topic
03:55 – Can you prepare for rejection?
05:08 – Framing things positively
07:00 – It can actually be an opportunity
08:07 – When you’re the one rejecting
10:59 – Create a menu of options
12:19 – Can a lie be a good thing?
15:13 – How to move on, fast
15:43 – James’ reputation as a straight talker
16:31 – Offer a way to win
19:13 – Assess your offers
20:50 – Keep persisting
21:49 – 1 trait that successful entrepreneurs share
23:31 – Yes, you need to get rejected
25:55 – Willpower Wager: Reject someone
27:30 – One thing you should avoid
29:01 – News: Smart Marketer Live in Austin Texas
29:15 – These dudes can code
29:44 – SuperFastBusiness Live in 2015
32:12 – Watch out for Ezra’s new product
35:39 – Let’s listen to voicemails
36:42 – Single or double opt-in?
40:26 – Competition for Carol?
42:24 – Think About It quotes
45:35 – Closing summary



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  1. Smart advice to “sit with the feeling” and let it sink in, gonna do this more . . . will attempt to give a way for someone to win when I have to reject – great idea!

    @Christian – You did a good job! Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Matt Coffy says

    Some great nuggets in this, even beyond the Topic, Thanks guys, as always you rock out with your socks out.

  3. Love the episode as usual. James, I’m keen to hear your arguments against Ezra starting an additional lower end community offering.

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