44 – Procrastination

Most people view it in a negative light, the putting off of a task for one reason or another. Is procrastination an evil to be overcome, or a natural part of the creative process? James and Ezra weigh differing beliefs in this episode of ThinkActGet.


Beat procrastination by prioritizing

Covered in the episode:

01:58 – Finally got around to Procrastination
02:30 – Is procrastination necessarily bad?
04:26 – A point of disagreement
05:40 – How James battled creative procrastination
08:29 – The power of visualization
09:36 – Derek Sivers: Keep goals secret
09:58 – Beat it by being real
10:45 – Why accountability matters
11:45 – Commitment and the trap of the lifetime product
13:22 – Understanding your natural work rhythm
15:25 – Automation and deadlines are your best friends
16:38 – The no. 1 time-eater
19:00 – Urgent vs. important
21:37 – Is it a “meh”?
22:12 – Instant Influence: Why it’s a valuable framework
23:15 – A live demo of the framework
25:11 – Weekly Wager – Run the Framework on yourself
26:05 – Smart Marketer Live in September, SFB Live next year
27:31 – Listener feedback
32:58 – Think About It quotes



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