43 – Criticism

Why do negative perceptions about you hit so hard sometimes? How do you handle it well? In this latest TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about the heavy topic of criticism, and how to use it as a tool to improve your business and life.


James and Ezra survive negative criticisms

In this episode:

01:45 – What is criticism?
02:20 – How people make judgements
03:26 – How to handle it
03:34 – Different types of criticism in business
04:51 – Whose opinion is worth hearing out?
07:56 – When confronting criticism…
09:42 – Criticism as a business tool
12:08 – An agent of change
13:56 – Newsflash: People love criticism
14:06 – Secret’s out: The hottest thread in town
17:13 – James’ self-criticism
17:55 – The truth about making value judgements
19:46 – Ezra’s lovely hands
20:53 – When criticism hits you hard
24:26 – Weekly Willpower Wager
25:49 – News and updates
25:53 – Ezra’s first ever live event
26:31 – James’ podcast with a comedian
28:09 – What’s up with SilverCircle and Blue Ribbon?
29:43 – What can you expect in a SuperFastBusiness Live event
30:14 – Listeners’ feedback
37:32 – Think About It quotes
42:30 – It’s not easy

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  1. Jeff Mesina says

    It’s good to have you guys back on track and recording again.

  2. Dave Newgass says

    OK….so perhaps Ding Dong isn’t considered a term of endearment in Australia. (I guess if somebody called you that in the locker room, you may be a bit stoked though!)

    Consider this my formal and public retraction so as not to get barred from future exchanges of adult beverages in public places.

    Keep up the good work peeps. Like horoscopes, you can fit most of your episodes into what’s going on in your life to give it more impact and meaning…this episode is no exception. I had some recent criticism and this episode put it in context.

    Thanks again EZ J-Schram.

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