42 – Less

Is more really better? In this TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about how doing less and focusing on the essentials is the way to achieve maximum results.


Adopt a philosophy of letting go


In this episode:

01:22 – Is more really better?
02:48 – Less allows you to achieve more
03:16 – Focus gets the best results
03:53 – “The One Thing” teaches an old concept
06:55 – An important announcement from Ezra
07:55 – The “Tao Te Ching” and the power of letting go
09:25 – The two sides of James’ business
10:55 – A recommended app for Internet people
11:55 – Hardcore working is not heroic at all
14:45 – Start with the fundamentals
15:11 – “80/20 Sales And Marketing” by Perry Marshall
16:12 – How simplicity creates great food and fashion
17:31 – Weekly Willpower Wager
18:03 – News and updates
20:06 – Trying out a new space at KickingBack
21:33 – Watch out for James’ new podcast with Taki Moore
23:40 – When is the next TAG Lifestyle Business Retreat?
24:55 – Listeners’ messages
28:18 – The webinar that made Ezra cry
36:22 – Tips on handling numerous emails
41:29 – Think About It quotes



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  1. Joshua Eldridge says

    Loved the “Less” podcast today…Made me stop and think what I can get rid of in my business! I always wonder why we think the dumb stuff is worth our time and why we get caught up in it?

  2. I really needed this episode! Implementing, but one tab up all day? I dunno… lol may take you up on it! I Vote for Ezra for the Weekly Willpower Wager (I noticed HIS clip wasn’t in the running)….Why not??? 🙂

  3. Dave Newgass says

    Another one in the good books Bomb and Ding Dong. It’s refreshing to get affirmation that “less” is the new “more”. Concentrating on what’s in front of you instead of diluting your attention by feeble attempts of multi-tasking is such great advice and easy it implement. It’s hard to believe that you can do less and get more but when you break it down and put it in the context that you do, it’s one of those light bulb moments! Oh…thanks for playing my playful Speak Pipe….although I like to jest, my message was heartfelt. +1 for Carol’s triple W! Also, one tab? That’s like having a fridge full of my favorite adult bevvy and telling me I can have just one. I’d rather eat a tequila worm, film it for my community to see, and make faces like a cat did their business in my mouth….wait….Ezra already did that!

  4. Gary Joynes says

    Great podcast guys. This topic is becoming increasingly prevalent because the benefits of implementing these ideas are huge.

    Darren Hardy, editor of Success magazine has a talk called “Productivity Strategies of Superachievers” on YouTube. One of his points is that a recurring theme among successful people (Branson, Buffet, Jobs, Oprah, Tony Hawk) is the ability to say no to great opportunities and also to the smaller day to day decisions like attending a meeting, taking a call, doing unnecessary tasks.

    Steve Jobs’ advice to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, resonated with me. In a conversation between the two when Parker had just become CEO, Jobs advised him that Nike make some of the best products in the world, but they also make a lot of crap. Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.

    I have only just started to apply this kind of thinking and the 80-20 rule, not just to products but all the processes that go on within my business, but even at the early stages of this it is amazing the clarity you can get and the things you can improve, ditch or outsource.

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