42 – Less

Is more really better? In this TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about how doing less and focusing on the essentials is the way to achieve maximum results.


Adopt a philosophy of letting go


In this episode:

01:22 – Is more really better?
02:48 – Less allows you to achieve more
03:16 – Focus gets the best results
03:53 – “The One Thing” teaches an old concept
06:55 – An important announcement from Ezra
07:55 – The “Tao Te Ching” and the power of letting go
09:25 – The two sides of James’ business
10:55 – A recommended app for Internet people
11:55 – Hardcore working is not heroic at all
14:45 – Start with the fundamentals
15:11 – “80/20 Sales And Marketing” by Perry Marshall
16:12 – How simplicity creates great food and fashion
17:31 – Weekly Willpower Wager
18:03 – News and updates
20:06 – Trying out a new space at KickingBack
21:33 – Watch out for James’ new podcast with Taki Moore
23:40 – When is the next TAG Lifestyle Business Retreat?
24:55 – Listeners’ messages
28:18 – The webinar that made Ezra cry
36:22 – Tips on handling numerous emails
41:29 – Think About It quotes



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