40 – Help


Help – it’s a very powerful tool if leveraged wisely. In this episode, James and Ezra talk about the importance of giving and receiving help, and how it can improve your life and your business.


“Help me if you can…”


In this episode:

00:44 – Ezra sings The Beatles (yes, really)
02:11 – Help is a very powerful tool when leveraged wisely
03:42 – Giving and receiving help
04:48 – Commercial vs. non-commercial help
05:52 – Help is a commodity
06:30 – What to look for when buying help
08:45 – Only give help from surplus
10:16 – “Be well-fed before feeding other people”
11:00 – Your happiness can help the world
13:15 – Help yourself first
14:01 – Asking for help vs. not taking responsibility
15:05 – How much can bookkeeping cost you?
16:23 – An example of transferring money to get help
17:35 – Weekly Willpower Wager
18:33 – The law of reciprocation
21:14 – Taking responsibility
23:15 – News & updates
31:17 – Watch out for new podcast Kickingback.com
31:55 – Listeners’ comments
45:40 – Think About It quotes
47:18 – A recap



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