4 – Overwhelm

Having too much and doing too much can easily overwhelm us. But did you know that there’s a way to overcome this?


On the brink of overwhelm?


 This week’s highlights:

  • ThinkActGet is doing well on iTunes (thank you!)
  • Results in personal and business life tend to be similar
  • Overwhelm – How is it manifesting in your business?
  • Ezra’s take on becoming overwhelmed
  • Controlling the “cycles” in your life
  • What causes you to feel overwhelmed?
  • Strategies to avoid getting overwhelmed
  • Overwhelm stems from being unorganized
  • The concept of 6±2
  • Have a system
  • James’ “One Thing Rule”
  • Focus on the minimum things to get maximum results
  • Time for the Weekly Willpower Wager
  • Reducing clutter from your desktop and inbox
  • System tip – Get a whiteboard
  • Create videos to answer FAQs
  • Time for News and Updates
  • Ezra graces the February cover of InternetMarketingMag.net
  • SilverCircle Mastermind is OPEN for new members
  • ThinkActGet gets its first 5-star rating
  • The “Think About It” quotes
  • Time for the TAG tips
  • Say “no” more often
  • Be willing to cut your losses and move on
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed?
  • Sharing creates abundance



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