4 – Overwhelm

Having too much and doing too much can easily overwhelm us. But did you know that there’s a way to overcome this?


On the brink of overwhelm?


 This week’s highlights:

  • ThinkActGet is doing well on iTunes (thank you!)
  • Results in personal and business life tend to be similar
  • Overwhelm – How is it manifesting in your business?
  • Ezra’s take on becoming overwhelmed
  • Controlling the “cycles” in your life
  • What causes you to feel overwhelmed?
  • Strategies to avoid getting overwhelmed
  • Overwhelm stems from being unorganized
  • The concept of 6±2
  • Have a system
  • James’ “One Thing Rule”
  • Focus on the minimum things to get maximum results
  • Time for the Weekly Willpower Wager
  • Reducing clutter from your desktop and inbox
  • System tip – Get a whiteboard
  • Create videos to answer FAQs
  • Time for News and Updates
  • Ezra graces the February cover of InternetMarketingMag.net
  • SilverCircle Mastermind is OPEN for new members
  • ThinkActGet gets its first 5-star rating
  • The “Think About It” quotes
  • Time for the TAG tips
  • Say “no” more often
  • Be willing to cut your losses and move on
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed?
  • Sharing creates abundance



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  1. This episode really hit a spot with me as this is exactly how I feel this week. I especially love that you smacked me with the notion that being over-whelmed comes with not being organised. This is so true. Sometimes you need to just step back, look at the big picture, breath and then just get into it. Cleaning up my office has also helped :). Thanks guys…keep the eps coming!

  2. I am really enjoying the pod casts I feel like you keep hitting me with the right message for my business right when I need it! I really appreciate all your hard work. Totally look forward to seeing you at fast web formula in Sydney next month. Cheers from across the ditch in Auckland.

  3. Lawrence Bousquet says

    I know have my desktop clear and it actually feels better.

  4. Adam Hodara says

    Hi Guys, great podcast!!
    Any chance you can add a download button to the episodes to be able to download a few and listen to them later?

    Where I am the 3g is really slow ;(

  5. Jeff Mesina says

    That was great guys.
    Action step = Get a whiteboard devoted to my 1 task for the week.

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