39 – Travel

Going places changes you. It expands your consciousness by exposing you to new surroundings and people. This week James and Ezra discuss this and other aspects of travel.


James and Ezra in San Diego


In this week’s podcast episode:

00:45 – Great to be back
01:22 – Let’s talk about travel
01:51 – Travel as a requirement for change
04:33 – A common traveling mistake
08:52 – The connections you make
11:46 – Keeping the business running
16:56 – Energy management
18:24 – Comedy at a conference
22:42 – James’ story got stolen
24:45 – Willpower wager: Plan a trip
26:24 – News and updates: A change of name
29:04 – Ezra’s upcoming product launch
31:32 – How a good decision is made
32:46 – Audience feedback
48:22 – Think About It quotes
52:47 – Summing things up



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