39 – Travel

Going places changes you. It expands your consciousness by exposing you to new surroundings and people. This week James and Ezra discuss this and other aspects of travel.


James and Ezra in San Diego


In this week’s podcast episode:

00:45 – Great to be back
01:22 – Let’s talk about travel
01:51 – Travel as a requirement for change
04:33 – A common traveling mistake
08:52 – The connections you make
11:46 – Keeping the business running
16:56 – Energy management
18:24 – Comedy at a conference
22:42 – James’ story got stolen
24:45 – Willpower wager: Plan a trip
26:24 – News and updates: A change of name
29:04 – Ezra’s upcoming product launch
31:32 – How a good decision is made
32:46 – Audience feedback
48:22 – Think About It quotes
52:47 – Summing things up



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  1. Going to add a category of Travel on my budget so that I can attend live events with regularity! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great podcast, thanks!

  2. first time commenter, love the podcast guys! This is a really cool theme you have going. I have gone back and listened to all of your older podcasts, cool to see how the show has evolved. I’ve really learned a lot from you guys and appreciate the work you’ve done.

    P.S .facebook owns instagram! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.P.S Ezra, dude your mugshot in the top right corner makes you look angry, you don’t sound like an angry guy, perhaps a smile shot is in order? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I sent you guys a speakpipe voice message from my iPhone whilst traveling… the irony!

  4. Nice podcast guys. I could never travel as light as James, but one tip from his method is pack a day or two of essentials in the carry-on so if your luggage goes missing you can deal…

    On the subject of surfing I spotted this crazy surfboard today that looks like it was built for James!


  5. I like the idea of you guys making a beer. You can call it ‘Drink Act Get’. How much you drink, determines how you act, which results into how much trouble you get.
  • Great show thanks guys

  • HI guys, very interesting weave of information in this travel episode. I am about to travel to speak at a show in San Diego in a few weeks and i was dreading it, but this show changed my mind about the “experience of it” attitude. Anyway, i had a thought. I was listening to episode 29 with your special guest on it ( great episode BTW) and it kinda struck me that you guys rattle away without any “live” interaction. What I mean by that, is your listeners have some really specific burning questions that they are pondering, which you address only at a “response level”. What would be optimum, is to help guide the refinement of the direction of the listener issue beyond just a retort… Now just think about this…. What about, as an opportunity to really drive listener excitement to have a live on air a 5 minute discussion, maybe call it the “lucky listener” as part of the broadcast. As long as they have a real intelligent question,and add something that relates to the subject..it would be so cool… the value of your podcast goes up, because its “ground level” and we listeners all now have the “potential opportunity” to engage. Many of the people who listen to the show, are not 7 figure business owners, most are just like me who are on the second or third rung on a ladder that stretches to the sky. So, Why not initiate a “real time” discussion about the the subject at hand and solve a listener question as part of the podcast. BTW-This would drive a new concept that would allow you to pull exact data from your audience on what they are struggling with to refine your podcast strategy. What do you think? The reason why i bring this all up, is that James had answered my blog question in a recent episode, but his answer was so open ended, i wanted to continue the dialog, Anyway, thanks for reading this, you guys rock… and whats up with the Angry Jesus pic of Ezra of the site, did someone steal his tofu ribs?

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