38 – Results

Results – they’re the product of doing (or not doing) something, and can serve as a guide for future actions. This week James and Ezra discuss how to achieve and use results in business and in life.


Does Ezra have big ears?


Discussed in the podcast:

00:32 – The topic that got James excited
02:26 – Are you in denial?
04:35 – TAG metrics and behind the scenes
08:21 – Our best traffic sources
09:30 – Breasticles
12:04 – Comparing Smart Marketer and SuperFastBusiness
13:25 – Missed our podcasting how-to episode?
17:56 – Ezra’s monetization strategies
22:46 – A look at SuperFastBusiness 2013 stats
25:39 – The power of free courses
27:04 – Why did the new visitor rate go up for SFB?
28:40 – A little secret about our PDFs
33:05 – Stratospheric growth in the next 30 days
33:40 – How to use results
36:13 – Weekly Willpower Wager: Measure one thing
37:51 – News: Who will be at SuperFastBusiness Live?
40:20 – Interested in media buying?
43:33 – Listener comments
49:04 – Think About It quotes
51:23 – In summary



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  1. Thanks for reading my comment guys. I think I’m a different Brad though. I’m from New York, didn’t get a skateboard recently, but did get snowshoes. All the best!

  2. Great episode! I need to grow in the ‘measure, track, analyze results and improve’ area! I’m so much more of a people person and always left the numbers part to my husband in our previous businesses, but no more! 2014 is the year for me to embrace statistics!

    Awesome content, thanks for being willing to be transparent!

    – Carol Amato

  3. Errol Nezar says

    Great stuff thanks guys and a big thanks for reading out my comment you guys are the real deal. Errol Nezar 1st Web Design South Africa

  4. This is me after hearing I’m in the Big Ears Club! Come on ears! Show the world what you can do!

  5. guys , just found you and wow, this is the best spot on content ..well for us marketing guys… the variations on the “why” are my biggest challenges because of the short term goals to drive numbers for the month to pay my team. thoughts?

  6. Mark Naismith-Beeley says

    James, throughout the episodes of Think Act Get you reveal yourself to be sceptical about a number of unsubstantiated claims across a number of fields. If you didn’t know already, “Skepticism” (American spelling) is a pretty mainstream topic in the science category of Podcasting. It’s how I got into podcasts before discovering IM. Skepticism concerns itself with using critical-thinking to examine everyday problems or beliefs and filtering fact from popular conjecture on the basis of evidence. It’s like offline split-testing. If you ever have the time – and you appear to – really recommend you check out the Skeptoid podcast. I think you would really enjoy it as you munch your wilted spinach.

  7. Edmund Pelgen says

    James and Ezra, When I listed to your podcasts driving in my car, I find myself with a permanent grin on my face…and thats why I keep coming back. I’m entertained, educated and learn something every podcast. The format and the dynamic work for me. Great work guys.

  8. Maciej Rydel says

    I was listening to this episode while being in Austin, TX on the way to the ASM event before knowing Ezra will be a presenter there. What a surprise. Ezra, your teachings about brand building and engaging customers in the ecommerce btusiness model was eyeopening. Many thanks for that.

    As for results I looked at mine for he last year and it was a good excercise . They show that I actually achieved something. Not a much as was planned even though lets celebrate them. It will be may a baseline to improve and build solid business this year.

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