38 – Results

Results – they’re the product of doing (or not doing) something, and can serve as a guide for future actions. This week James and Ezra discuss how to achieve and use results in business and in life.


Does Ezra have big ears?


Discussed in the podcast:

00:32 – The topic that got James excited
02:26 – Are you in denial?
04:35 – TAG metrics and behind the scenes
08:21 – Our best traffic sources
09:30 – Breasticles
12:04 – Comparing Smart Marketer and SuperFastBusiness
13:25 – Missed our podcasting how-to episode?
17:56 – Ezra’s monetization strategies
22:46 – A look at SuperFastBusiness 2013 stats
25:39 – The power of free courses
27:04 – Why did the new visitor rate go up for SFB?
28:40 – A little secret about our PDFs
33:05 – Stratospheric growth in the next 30 days
33:40 – How to use results
36:13 – Weekly Willpower Wager: Measure one thing
37:51 – News: Who will be at SuperFastBusiness Live?
40:20 – Interested in media buying?
43:33 – Listener comments
49:04 – Think About It quotes
51:23 – In summary



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