37 – Goals

You need something to aim for in life and in business. In this episode, James and Ezra explore goals – how to set them, why they’re important, and what the rewards can be in achieving them.


James achieving his goal of surfing every day


Podcast Highlights:

00:01:05 – James in Sydney, Ezra in New Mexico
00:01:39 – Is city life so great?
00:04:00 – Goals versus resolutions
00:05:18 – An easy way to move forward
00:06:55 – 2 ways to win, 1 way to lose
00:08:52 – Does everyone have goals?
00:09:52 – Degrees of success
00:10:51 – Celebrate your achievements
00:13:30 – Desire, action, time, result
00:14:11 – Beyond financial goals
00:16:55 – James’ plans for 2014
00:21:00 – Ezra’s 2014 goals
00:24:41 – The power of writing it down
00:26:04 – Weekly Willpower Wager
00:29:01 – News and updates: Wealthification for free
00:31:07 – SuperFastBusiness Live this March
00:39:14 – How Ezra’s services agency is doing
00:40:15 – Software as a service business
00:44:30 – Get on the phone with James live
00:45:36 – Listeners’ comments and questions
00:57:02 – Think About It quotes
01:01:20 – A TAG tip
01:02:11 – Episode summary



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  1. Hi James & Ezra,
    Great episode. It got me to think a little bit about reaching my goals. I’ve never been someone to explicitly set goals for myself. I would also say that I have never truly felt proud about work I’ve accomplished until very recently. The work accomplished wasn’t anything that gave me a financial return. What I got was a feeling of pride about my ideas and execution. In all honesty this was a pretty uncomfortable feeling for me. Maybe because it was something I never felt before. I think part of the reason I didn’t set goals for myself was because I wasn’t sure what would give me this feeling of true pride. I also didn’t know how to or want to deal with it. I was probably content with getting a financial return. Getting a true feeling of pride from my work was very refreshing and I’m looking forward to more and more. I think this was a big ice breaker for me. Also, your advice on celebrating accomplishments is something I would like to work on. Thanks for all the wisdom.

  2. The discussion about analog goals (degrees of success) vs digital goals (complete success or complete failure) was very good for me. I have written down a certain goal with 3 degrees of success (minimum, target, and outrageous) in my Evernote and look at it often. I have specific time scheduled in my calendar each day to work towards that goal.

    Future episode possibilities (even though you guys have already talked some about all of these): Time (managing it), Mentors, Systems

  3. Sorry guys to double post, but I think this is valuable:

    Just read in “Willpower” the following on pg 38: “Above all, don’t make a list of New Year’s resolutions… Because you have only one supply of willpower, the different New Year’s resolutions all compete with one another. Each time you try to follow one, you reduce your capacity for all the others. A better plan is to make one resolution and stick to it.”

    My take on that is we should set multiple goals, but we should be OK with focusing on just one of them at a time. We can be OK with delaying some goals by knowing we will complete the current goal and then be able to tackle the next one. After we complete the current goal, I think it’s OK to re-evaluate all the other goals and decide which one is best to focus on next. This can happen many times during the year and should not be limited to once every New Year.

  4. fantastic!

  5. Errol Nezar says

    Hi guys just finish listening to the first show of the year and I think we are going to see some great shows this year, keep up the good work thanks Errol Nezar – 1st Web Design – South Africa

  6. Errol Nezar says


  7. Amy Boehnert says

    Hi James and Ezra, There were so many great gems in this episode! Thank you for the quality work and lively conversation. Can’t wait to see the FTH video:) !!

  8. I liked this podcast. I too have always been in 100% commissioned sales(6figure Income in my 20’s) since college and just couldn’t wake up going to that environment anymore. Unfortunately I thought online business world would be easier but after 4years and lots of ups and down I’ve found my issue isn’t with creating goals but I find it that the question of fear of failing again online is what starting to impede my growth. I’ve focused on achievable goals in my control rather than monetary results lately but the results don’t seem to get the results I expect. I have given myself until October 2015 when I turn 40y/o to “make” a living online or will go back to having Job/boss.

    The hardest feeling is that I’ve been successful before but figuring out building SUSTAINABLE online business has extremely humbling experience especially if someone doesn’t have a passion niche or expertise(like Own the Racecourse concept). For some reason James and Ezra seem to make it easy.

    ps- 1st thing I bought online was Xsite Pro(through James Schamko)… 🙂

    • Brian that’s a great post. Be sure to focus on process rather than outcome. I hope you are able to join SuperFastBusiness so that I can help you build a real business. Before Ezra and I had our ‘ thing’ we were just as new as you were. I bet you are aitting on a speciality, everyone is.

      • Thanks. I’ll take a look at SFB. I saw it’s lots of varied training in SFB and I need to focus on something to build out. I know all the traffic stuff. That was my hangup with own racecourse figuring out what to be expert in.
        I listened to some of your other episodes here and you guys offer a lot of useful insights like having a casual conversation with a mentor…rather than those annoying interview podcasts that don’t go deep like that one that asks same questions every time and says “let’s ignite”.

        Thanks, Brian

        ps- try kiteboarding…way more addicting than surfing and no sitting around waiting ina lineup

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