36 – Pleasure

Pleasure is a feeling that we all seek and it goes beyond our five senses. However, the way we perceive and achieve it could either be good or bad for us and the people we interact with. In this TAG episode, James and Ezra help us understand the true meaning of pleasure and how it may affect your life, your business and everyone else around you.


A decked-out tricycle in the Philippines


Episode highlights:

00:52 – Immersing in the culture
02:30 – Chasing pleasure
03:22 – James’ jeepney stories
05:54 – Meeting basic needs
08:13 – Do you value pain over pleasure?
09:51 – Why it’s important to have your pleasure looked after
10:32 – Adding more good stuff to your life
11:57 – Giving pleasure to others
13:52 – Giving back, doing good work
14:58 – Building relationships with a “pasalubong”
16:35 – Creating a physical anchor
18:11 – You are a pansensual being
19:45 – Weekly Willpower Wager: Try a new pleasure mindset
21:02 – News and updates: SuperFastBusiness Live update, autoresponders and faster hosting
26:33 – Listener Comments
32:24 – Think About It quotes (Nickname Needed!)
34:28 – Summary



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  1. Hey guys. It was pretty surreal to hear one of my previous comments read out on this episode.

    The physical anchor section was very interesting. Love the bling in the jeepney. Thanks for doing the episode despite tech challenges; audio quality was still pretty decent (go SmartLav!). I’m waiting for Ezra’s next info product: “Unlocking Your Pansensual-ness”.

  2. Hey Jimmy, try not to cook spinach eg. wilted spinach. The cooking process causes a chemical reaction within the spinach and makes it toxic to the human body. You know how sometimes, after eating spinach, you can feel something strange in the stomach? yeh, that’s the cooked spinach! Juicing is ok but you have to make sure you drink it fresh 🙂

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