35 – People

If there’s one thing we can’t escape in our lives, it’s other people. How do they affect us, what should we know about them, and how do we benefit from the people around us? Explore these questions with James and Ezra in this week’s ThinkActGet.

ezra and Carrie

Ezra and Carrie enjoy a float


Highlighted in the episode:

02:27 – What are these fascinating creatures?
03:31 – Destiny versus agency
04:52 – Modelling winning behavior
05:50 – How far do you see into your future?
06:55 – Notice, acknowledge, relate and offer
10:29 – Selling: focusing on the start
12:01 – What people won’t forget
14:08 – Getting what you want from people who have it
16:25 – The “me first” mentality
17:59 – Put the spotlight back to your audience
19:03 – Why TAG is so effective
29:50 – Reality or truth?
31:42 – Beyond marketing
35:10 – Weekly Wager: Practice empathy
38:17 – In news: FastWebFormula 5 coming up
40:20 – Listener comments
46:12 – Ezra is not weird
47:52 – Keeping the right company
48:45 – In summary



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  1. I loved this one guys, especially Ezra’s stream of consciousness early on. Having been the recipient of your empathy and acknowledgement Ezra I would say you are an amazing empath, and a great person to model in this area.

    I loved the advice about giving people what they want and meeting them where they are. As a problem solver I can be all to quick to jump in and “help”, where what really helps is taking more time to match your energy to theirs (James your help desk example was brilliant too). Thanks for this one, possibly even the best, but definitely in my top 3.

  2. Erza was ON FIRE at the start of this ep!! My absolute favourite to date!! SO many thoughts were going off in my head – business ideas, parental ideas, everyday contact with people ideas! Well done guys!

  3. I agree. Great episode.. I like the idea of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and getting on their same level. It’s something that is nice to be reminded to do because it’s so important. Sometimes I forget and I’m much happier when I’m empathetic.

  4. Hey Ezra and James,
    Not sure if you have any thoughts for your next episode or if you’re open to getting suggestions. If you’re having trouble, I’ll suggest something that I’m working on: Stepping out of my comfort zone in business and relationships. It’s been helpful for me to set aside time, maybe once a day or even less to do something that I normally wouldn’t do. Something that may be out of my comfort zone. Maybe ask someone new to dinner or work on learning a new skill. It’s helped me in my relationships and business. Not sure if this could be a theme for an entire episode but just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  5. cute, guys… Ok, I accept that you’ll be rolling my audio clip. 🙂 But, much prefer the timbre of your voice, Ezra!

    Great content, can’t help but think Ezra has been a psycho-analyst some time in his life… lol

    Episode Request: VALUE!


    THANKS, much – carol

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