34 – Speed

With the rate at which people have to accomplish so many things in their lives today, speed becomes an important factor in getting more things done. But, is faster really better than slower? In this episode of TAG, James and Ezra share their thoughts on how the right pace can help you achieve more things in your life and your business.


Ezra taking the fast way down


Episode Highlights:

01:10 – A manufactured experience
03:07 – Is faster better?
04:42 – Why slower feels better
07:41 – NFFS
08:52 – Speedy delivery that excites listeners
11:04 – Applying the right speed and knowing the risks
13:36 – It’s a slow game
15:34 – Speed with purpose vs Rushing
16:19 – The Joe DeSanto Method of Seduction
19:18 – Gaining back more time with disinvolvement
21:43 – Moving quicker with systems
26:32 – Weekly Willpower Wager
27:46 – News and updates
32:56 – Listener comments
38:56 – Think About It quotes
43:28 – TAG tips
48:57 – Summary



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