33 – Desire

Human lives operate ideally in cycles of desire and fulfillment. In this latest TAG episode, James and Ezra examine desire – how it can be directed, what it moves us to achieve, and its importance in life and business.


Buddhism holds that desire is the cause of suffering


In this week’s podcast:

00:51 – Back from Thailand
02:18 – Planting seeds and harvesting
04:28 – The cycle of desire
06:29 – Part of the fun is desiring
07:25 – Direct your desire
08:50 – Get what you want, or enjoy what you have?
12:24 – A piece of Buddhist wisdom
13:33 – The dark side of desire
15:14 – Questioning the “why” of your desire
18:11 – Payoff and price
23:15 – WWW: Create a want list
24:23 – James’ desire to surf
29:54 – Give us a review in iTunes
30:41 – Look out for FastWebFormula 5
35:26 – Ezra’s software as a service business
37:42 – Curiosity headline gets massive response
39:15 – Listener comments
45:26 – A starstruck fan
47:57 – Think About It quotes
51:55 – TAG Tips
54:53 – Episode summary



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Getting what you want versus enjoying what you have. [Click To Tweet].


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  1. “Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine” (Elvis)

    thx, guys! another two points on my list now: sidney + surfing! just for the feeling and stumbling into one of you… 😉

  2. Love this one guys thank you for the kind words and for your great talk James! Totally agree with the window half down criteria for great autos ! 🙂

  3. I think it is the perfect timing, now that I have finished this podcasting rollercoaster. In 3 weeks I have had the desire, attitude and motivation to control my habits and finish every TAG episode. It is has left me with the confidence and willpower to change, without fear of burnout or a culture of excuses. You guys have a relationship to leadership and are leaving the rest of the community with the feeling of overwhelm, at the quality of communication you are pumping out. I am learning it is not about success or money but about balance and ethics. (And I thought it was all about the marketing). We all have rights to “stick-to-itiveness”, and I hope you get networking with some other guests, like Dads.

    I just wanted to leave this feedback and acknowledge your awesome work.


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