32 – Marketing

Marketing is a very powerful instrument that can influence and change almost everything around us. In this episode, James and Ezra share their views and give us a better understanding of what it is, how it works and leveraging it to improve your business visibility and profitability.


Every business needs some kind of marketing


In this podcast:
02:05 – What is marketing?
04:42 – The village market as a metaphor
06:54 – Visibility and finding multiple channels
09:47 – Connecting with your perfect customer
10:59 – How does James market?
14:09 – A story of a successful campaign
17:09 – Stacking together different markets
18:06 – The power of hypnosis
21:24 – Weekly Willpower Wager
22:30 – News and updates
22:25 – FastWebFormula 5
27:31 – A new hobby and possible new guests
29:10 – Comments and reviews
44:16 – Think About It quotes
47:44 – Facebook gamefies your likes
50:10 – TAG Tips



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Visibility and finding multiple channels. [Click To Tweet].

The power of hypnosis. [Click To Tweet].


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  1. So what’s the lemonade stand story? You left me hanging. Enjoyed listening to the banter around marketing and was giggling to myself about Ezra’s attention distractions….squirrel.

  2. EPIC ep guys! Loved the points touched on innovation and can’t wait on a full ep on that. Businesses need to be dynamic and fluid to take of. My guess is that that came as common sense to James from his sailing years… no wind no win.

    Thanks again and y’all have a great weekend

  3. Marketing is important to me. I am selling soroban/abacus and I want many people know my product. It seems like the abacus is not very popular in some countries. I wish I could show it to every single one in this world.

  4. Juan C Izquierdo says

    What is better… Making blog posts with a date or without a date? Please explain reasons. Keep up the AWESOME work. I hope to meet you one day.

    un abrazo grande desde Puerto Rico

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