31 – Culture

Culture is an integral part of being human. How does it affect us? Can it be controlled? Our hosts tackle these questions and more in this episode of ThinkActGet.

James and Ezra retreat in Hawaii


Discussed in the podcast:

00:33 – On the road in California
02:22 – Leave at the height of the party
02:56 – The dynamics of groups
03:45 – Listen in at a TAG retreat breakfast
10:30 – Breakdowns, funnels and filters
14:45 – A snapshot of the retreat
18:55 – Today’s episode: Culture
21:17 – Marketing advantages of understanding culture
21:53 – NLP and mirroring techniques
23:07 – Why Ezra is not a hipster
25:24 – How much control can you have on culture?
28:38 – Diversity versus singularity
29:55 – The Internet marketing culture
32:39 – The culture of James’ team
33:30 – A big tip on team building
35:34 – Weekly Willpower Wager
37:52 – News and updates
40:59 – Think About It quotes



Marketing advantages of understanding culture. [Click To Tweet].

How much control can you have on culture? [Click To Tweet].

Diversity versus singularity. [Click To Tweet].


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