30 – Guests

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner or an event, you know having guests teaches you something about yourself. This week’s episode is all about guests, as James and Ezra address listeners’ comments, questions and ideas about the show.



Ezra and James in Hawaii


Podcast Highlights:

00:55 – TAG comes to you from Hawaii
02:46 – James meets Ezra’s family
04:13 – This episode is about you
04:40 – Greetings to Vicki
05:27 – Should we have the dads on?
06:15 – Complementary relationships
09:29 – Request: a criticism episode
11:53 – High-five for our 30th episode
12:00 – Weekly Willpower Wager!
13:02 – A quote from The Matrix
16:01 – Get your mindset right to get results
20:20 – A fan of Ezra’s mom
25:11 – More from lafayettemorehouse.com
25:24 – Can we have an episode on legacy?
29:06 – A critical review on the leadership episode
32:36 – Website template issues
35:48 – Having house guests
39:27 – Guests teach you about yourself
40:34 – Action step: Offer someone a drink
41:33 – A guest’s thoughts on perfection



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  1. Beer anyone?
    Great pod as always guys.

  2. David Kidston says

    Hi Guys,

    Great pod-cast as always. Yes I have been a relatively quiet listen since about episode 3, but not missed one since.

    Just want to let you know about an event that is happening up here in Newcastle, just a little to the north of Sydney. It is call the DiG festival http://digfestival.com.au/, focused on the digital technology/ start-up / SME business world. It is kinda modelling itself on SXSW but to the Australian context. It in on early October. Just thought this would be of interest to you audience and yourselves, would love to see you there.

    I do post this only in the interests of helping everyone, I am not directly involved in the organisation of this event.


  3. Chris Mountford says

    A quick correction on some factual errors evident in your recent episodes.

    Ezra is not weird. At least not any weirder than most of my favourite people. At least not in a bad way.

    As you were,


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