3 – Communication

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The way we communicate can make or break our relationships with the people around us. It can also break us in terms of how people perceive us. Listen to this podcast and make communication work for you.


Make your communication count


Episode 3 highlights:

  • Importance of how you communicate
  • Interpreting people’s body language
  • Ezra’s approach towards people
  • How do you focus attention within a crowd?
  • The benefits of being observant
  • Applying observation skills to your business
  • Good communication makes a good team
  • A leadership technique for teams
  • Applying a framing technique for your business
  • What is a value judgement?
  • How to handle these judgements for a sustainable relationship
  • The Weekly Willpower Wager Report
  • Creating an open journal for discussion
  • Launch of Smart Marketer Mastermind
  • Podcast interview about SuperFastBusiness’ events
  • Where to register for Masterminds
  • Story about a discussion with a cab driver
  • The real goal: To help others
  • Think about it quotes from James
  • Think about it quotes from Ezra
  • Why podcasting is great
  • Tag tips
  • Delegate what you can and keep doing what you like to do
  • The important part of delegating in the “I, we, you” scenario



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